Telangana’s Solar Strategy – An Eye Opener for Other South Indian States to go Solar

solar energy in Telangana

Telangana leads other southern Indian states in terms of demand for power consumption. The per capita consumption in the state is 33%, which is higher than the national average. The number of environmental concerns are increasing. Solar energy enables to reduce dependency on non-renewable sources of energy, provides added benefits of reduced electricity costs, and untimely power cuts.

Solar power serves as the key to a clean energy future. The sun provides enough energy to meet the world’s energy needs. Unlike fossil fuels, it won’t run out anytime soon. As a renewable source of energy, the only limitation of solar power is to make it as efficient and cost-effective as electricity. Telangana is one of the early adopters of solar energy. The government of Telangana has made full use of the positive environment in the solar market and substantially harnessed the solar potential. With the help of Telangana Solar Power Policy 2015, The state government was able to lay out their vision for change.

The renewable energy sector is a rapidly growing segment in South India. With a generation capacity of over 3,500 MW commissioned through solar energy, Telangana stands at a second position along with Karnataka. Another 1,000 MW of solar energy will also be added to the solar power segment in the next six to eight months, taking the installed capacity to over 4,500 MW.  The state also encourages in the set up of solar-powered agricultural connections and rooftop solar systems.

Telangana is one of the most influential states when it comes to solar power.  The other states are keenly observing Telangana solar power projects for the advantages it brings to energy management and the power it generates from renewable sources.

The average solar insolation of solar energy in Telangana is nearly 5.5 kWh/m2 for more than 300 sunshine days. With such high potential, it is profitable to invest in rooftop solar power. Several solar companies are tapping in the segment. Households and commercial spaces connected to solar panels are provided with an uninterrupted flow of electricity. Mysun is one of the solar companies in Telangana that helps in progressing towards the eco-friendly society. It also gives a chance to save up to 70% on monthly electricity bills. Besides this, MYSUN also offers financial, operation, and maintenance offerings such as MYSUN Flexi-PayTM and MYSUN AssuredTM with service guarantee for 25 years. The company aims to establish a culture of green energy, redefine the definition of solar rooftop across the nation and take a step towards the eco-friendly environment.

The future of solar energy is bright. It is continuously on the rise and is the best way to reduce greenhouse gases and carbon emissions. The development of solar power projects is one of the key solutions to fulfill increasing demand for energy.