Does Teacher’s Motivation Have an Emotional Impact on Students?


As a teacher, whatever you will be doing in the classroom session will have an exceptional impact on your students. Whether it is the way of delivering a lesson or your general attitude, everything is well noticed by your students. Believe it or not, your way motivating or not motivating students will have a direct impact on students’ performance level to a great extent.

Just go back to your days of school or college and try to recall the name of any teacher who really had a positive impact on you and other teachers never been able to touch you that way. Wasn’t there a difference, right? A teacher who is well-qualified, experience and undertaken teacher training courses online will not only be passionate about her teaching her subjects but will always try to bring innovation in her way of teaching to make the learning process of her students much better. Besides, they even know the smart ways to motivate their students which is considered to play a critical role in sparking the desired ignite in the students.

As a teacher, you are expected to pass on your key skills and knowledge to your students. An ideal teacher tries to spark the natural inquisitiveness in their students to learn. You must be thinking then why is motivation so critical?

An optimistic learning environment

It goes without saying that motivation plays a vital role in classroom teaching. A motivated teacher definitely has a different stance that encourages the students to concentrate on the topic that is being taught. They won’t find anything distracting them from what is being taught in the class. You need to encourage your students to come up with questions and participate in the classroom discussion. This will definitely help them to learn and explore the topic in a much better way. Moreover, you don’t have to feel bogged down with the behavioural issues as well.

The Sense of Value and Respect:

As a teacher with certification in teacher training courses online, you are expected to bring variation in your style of teaching. You need to add some more creativity so that students really find your teaching style more interesting and listen carefully instead of doing different things during the classroom lesson discussion. Your way of imparting lesson shouldn’t be boring for them as it won’t serve the purpose of learning. When you come up with a different style of teaching, you will gain of sense of value and respect from your students which is quite important for a teacher at the end of the day.

Teacher Motivation in the Classroom – What does it is like?

As a teacher with certification in teacher training courses online, you will be considered an ideal teacher when you display these qualities in front of your students:

  • Compassion and friendly
  • Sincere, openhearted and inspiring
  • Form a good connection with students

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