Surprise haka at Scottish wedding


A haka is a Maori ceremonial war dance. It has become famous outside New Zealand thanks to the New Zealand rugby team, who perform the haka dance before each international match. It is all about building the intellectual, spiritual and physical well-being of each person before undertaking something important. Well, the haka came to Loch Lomond in the Highlands of Scotland, much to the delight of a wedding party and the groom in particular.

Who’s the Lucky Guy?

Alyson and Graham Reid were getting married on the banks of Loch Lomond. Graham played for Garnock Rugby Club, and Alyson asked his teammates if they would perform the haka at the wedding as a surprise for Graham. The rugby players were happy to oblige, if a little nervous that it would all be all right on the day.

Practice Makes Perfect

Graham and Alyson had lived in New Zealand for a year, and this is why Alison thought it would be a nice surprise for her new husband. Fifteen of Graham’s rugby club teammates spent six weeks practising for the big day. Two or three times a week they would get together to choreograph and learn the routine. This shows how tight-knit the club players were. Even when they had taken part in their own rugby drill, they still had time and energy to learn the haka.
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The Performance

The wedding day approached, and the dance troupe was finally ready. On the day they were all smartly dressed in traditional Scottish dress, and on the banks of the loch in such a stunningly beautiful location, the haka was performed to perfection. The chanting and thigh-slapping filled the Scottish mountain air and delighted everyone who witnessed it. Graham, by all accounts, was overwhelmed with the performance, which was made possible by Garnock Rugby Club’s passion and their commitment to their club teammate.