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Brief description

An employee holding this job profile corrects processes and restores a wide variety of accounting documents such as invoices, bills of the department, reimbursement of the employee; cash receipts, vendor statements, and vouchers review financial information. Prepare and process documents to pay out funds, preparing reports, compiling and reviewing information for accuracy and maintaining records.

Work is done by applying knowledge of accounting and using spreadsheets.

Account assistant jobs are of 4 types:

  • Entry level
  • Intermediate level
  • Experienced level
  • Advanced level


Depending upon the experience and knowledge gained in the different levels, work is allotted.

  • Manage cash transactions
  • Controlling credit and ensuring debtors to pay on time
  • Restoration of direct debits and finance accounts
  • Ensuring that all payment amounts & records are accurate and updated
  • Creation of statutory accounts
  • Working with journals, sales & purchase ledgers and spreadsheets
  • Planning and budget control towards the benefit of the organization
  • Preparing financial reports
  • Participating in quarterly and annual auditing
  • Reviewing and filing payroll documents is also part of the job
  • Checking spreadsheets for accuracy on regular basis using mathematical calculations
  • Preparing bank deposits and many more
  • Have good command divide mathematical figures
  • Ability to detect errors


  • Proficient in working on Windows operating system
  • Good typing speed
  • In-depth knowledge of accounting education
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • BSc/BA in Accounting, Finance or related field
  • Hands-on accounting Assistant or Accounting Clerk
  • Familiar with finance regulations used in accounting

Benefits of working as an accountant assistant:

  • Accounts assistants earn a big salary
  • Companies offer an attractive package which includes private health insurance coverage, pay benefits, perks and competitive holiday allowances
  • Always treated as an indispensable member of the team
  • The chances of finding work are significantly very high due to the basic fact that firms will always need accounts departments
  • The scope of self-employment is increasingly gaining importance

How to get a job

Registering on various job portals solves half of the problems. You need to have an attractive CV or an updated resume to job offers. After successfully completion of the profiles, start searching for jobs to find your dream job. Few leading job portals are:

  1. Bayt.com
  2. Indeed.com
  3. Monster.com.sg and many more

An accountant assistant has enormous options of working for a wide range of clients ranging from small to big within different sectors of finance, business, and commerce. Examples of potential employers include:

  • Accounting companies
  • Insurance firms
  • Public Utilities
  • Banks
  • Retail companies
  • Building societies
  • Educational institutions


Accounts assistants can earn an average of £19,000 a year if working on a full-time basis but the in the initial stages salary can be as low as £12, 000 for inexperienced employees.


As the role doesn’t include a great deal of variety so the job often tends to become tedious as the job is all about reliability and consistency. Account assistant jobs in Singapore may not be the best fit for those who are looking for excitement in the job.

As Singapore doesn’t discriminate between its citizens and foreigners, country ample of opportunities to every candidate irrespective of where they hail from.


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