Some Common Types Of Temporary Visa


The tourist and the visitor visa, the treaty and the investor visa, also the student visa and the specialty occupation or professional visa are some of the most common kinds of temporary visa which the common people are aware of. However, apart from these, there are many other kinds of visas which also fall under the category of temporary visa, but is less known to the masses. One such is the fiancé visa.

  • If a person wishes to marry a citizen of the USA, he needs to get a fiancé visa. After marriage, he can reside permanently in the country and be a green card holder. A lawful permanent resident in the United States is known to be a green card holder. A fiancé of a citizen of the United States is eligible for a K-1 nonimmigrant visa if they have married a US citizen and the marriage takes place in the United States. The couple is eligible to stay in the country for a period of 90 days from the date of conclusion of their marriage. The couple can also apply for a PR Visa Canada if they want to stay there for the rest of their life.
  • Another kind is one of the L1 intracompany transfer visas. This is specially made for the executives, managers of an organization and the employees who have specified knowledge in a particular domain, and are getting transferred to their employer’s office in the United States or an affiliate of their leaders. The person who holds the executive order managerial L1 Visa is also entitled to a permanent residence Canadian Visa and do not require any further labor certification.
  • The J-1 and Q1 exchange visitor visa is one example of a temporary visa. The J1 visitor visa program is for the students, business trainees, short-term scholars professionals, teachers, specialists, government visitors, research scholars, camp counselors, international visitors and also au pairs. Such a program is often adjusted with the needs on behalf of the receiver that provides the latter with a minimum of two years to spend in the US, before opting for a different nonimmigrant visa or even a permanent residency. J1 visa holders frequently apply for home residency in the US, and hence this is the most common kind of visa applications received.
  • Religious workers also need the religious worker visa to keep working in the foreign land. R1 class religious worker visa application is available on the internet along with its requirements.

If you are a person who has some extraordinary abilities in a particular domain of work then you must be requiring the O-1 class extraordinary ability worker visa to get into a foreign land like the United States. In order to showcase your talent to them whether you are a world class entertainer, a high-class athlete, an exceptionally genius scientist or a business tycoon you will also require an extraordinary ability worker visa in order to publicize your talent in the foreign country. Athletes, entertainers, and artists also require a P1artist and athlete visa.