Some Common Myths related to Granite Countertops


Granite is a coveted stone and its demand is ever rising. However, there are several misconceptions related to it that puzzle the minds. Some common myths are it is porous in nature that makes stains visible, it is non-resistant to heat, it is quite expensive, etc. While they are just myths, truth is granite kitchen countertops are easy to maintain, heat resistant, non-expensive and so on.

Time and again, granite has been the most demanding natural stone for the kitchen. While its features and attributes are inexplicably amazing, there are some myths surrounding this most popular stone whether it is the best in the market. Although granite kitchen countertops are widely popular, take a look at some common misconceptions about the stone still plaguing the market.

Popular misconceptions and debunking myths

Myth 1: Heat makes granite crack or chip

There is a common notion among people that granite is non-resistant to heat and so should be avoided from being placed near the burner or any hot surface. This can easily crack the hard stone or leave burn marks, thus ruining its beauty.

Fact is granite is a heat resistance solid, natural stone. It does not give away to damages when hot pans or pots are placed on its surface. Truth is, it can withstand a very high level of heat and does not burn or stain when exposed to intense flame. Having said that, it is adviced to placed a trivet or hot pad when placing hot pans on the granite countertops.

Myth 2: Granite is an expensive investment

If you scour the market, there are less expensive materials available for kitchen countertops, such as tile or laminate. Many people are, therefore, more in favour of other types of materials for their kitchen.

Fact is granite is harvested from the mines and its supply is abundant that makes its costs much lower than stones that are rare to access. Not to forget, granite serves as a one-time investment and is meant to retain its value with proper care and maintenance. This makes granite countertops inexpensive.

Myth 3: Granite needs hardcore maintenance

The common misconception is granite is difficult to maintain since it tends to get stained or cracked easily. Besides, it is sensitive to the different cleaning products and may leave stubborn stains behind.

The real picture is granite is easy to clean and there is no need for any special cleaning products. The use of water and mild soap make cleaning an easy job. A quality granite gleams naturally owing to its resin coating.

Myth 4: Granite is vulnerable to stains

It is believed that liquid spills, wines and juices on granite worktops leave an ugly stain. Granite is a porous material and it absorbs liquid easily.

True that granite is porous when quarried. However, with sealants and protective coating, its porous nature is prevented. Also, resin coating resists watermarks and does not allow its surface to stain.

Myth 5: The tiny pores in granite harvest bacteria

The fissures and pores in granite is the den of bacteria that can cause illness or other problems by contaminating foods kept on its surface.

Fact is bacteria tends to grow on any open surface if it is not cleaned regularly. If bacteria are found on granite, it is present on any solid surface. Using anti-bacterial soap is the right way to keep the granite worktops clean and bacteria free.

No wonder granite continues to stand the test of time with its best attributes. In contrast to other worktop materials available at present, granite is an apt choice in all perspective.

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