Some Common Group Discussion mistakes which one must know and avoid


You have to participate in a GD whether you are going for a college interview or a job interview and thus it makes sense to be prepared and also know what to avoid and what to apply while engaging in a GD.

Some common mistakes you should avoid in a GD: –


In a GD you should avoid excessive talking as the more you speak the more chances of making a mistake. You should be exact and to the point and not talk for the sake of talking. Also if you do not have much knowledge of the topic then listen to others and once you get the hang of the topic then speak about it briefly. Always remember you need to create an impact and you can do that not by excessive talking but by being assertive and presenting valid points.


You should never go off the topic and you should stick to the line of reason which is being followed while discussing the topic. Be focused on the topic and never try going off the topic as that will backfire as a strategy as the invigilators are intelligent enough to notice you going off the topic and thus you should be focused and stick to the topic always.

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Never interrupt another speaker as that is considered rude and will lead you failure in the GD. Yes you can build on the other participants points but don’t cut him short and don’t interrupt as that will backfire as a strategy and you will lose precious points.

Let the other person make his point and then assertively put your point across. There is no point shouting or cutting others as the invigilators are too smart to overlook that and will surely cut your points for doing so.


Also at times you have no idea of the topic and many participants don’t speak up. Remember you have to be in it to win it and thus you should listen to others points and build on them even if you do not have the in-depth knowledge of the topic. You will need to improvise and be creative and then you will able to contribute positively to the Group Discussion.

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This is one strict NO-NO. You should definitely not shout in a GD as it is not supposed to be a fish market. You should be assertive but you should not shout out loud as then you will lose precious points.

Be assertive but not aggressive and don’t cut others midway as that will backfire as a strategy. Instead of shouting be short and precise with your points and give proper rebuttals and this will certainly fetch you some good points and you will score well in the GD.


It is not a good idea to repeat others ideas. You can surely build on other participant’s points but you should not repeat their points as this will go against you in the GD.

Present original and unique points and you will definitely be noticed and also never emulate or repeat others points as that will backfire and you will lose points.

Thus by following the above mentioned points you can definitely score well in the GD and emerge the ultimate winner.