Screwdrivers: Its uses, applications, and origin


Screwdrivers are the tools which were powered manually when they were invented, but nowadays it is available with the electrical powering system. This is usually used to insert or remove the screw. It has two parts: the first one is the handle and the second one is the shaft. Generally, the shafts are made up of steel which is very tough material. The tip is hardened and flattened as well which resist bending of the tool as well as helps to screw or unscrew successfully.

The handles of the screwdrivers are usually made up of the plastics, woods or an insulating material. The tip of the screwdrivers is designed in such a way that it can drive to the slots of almost all the screws. There are also the drills which behave somewhat similar to that of the screwdrivers. In addition to that, there are also the impact divers which provide the tools with a hammering force which enhances the performance of the screwdriver.

Origin of the screwdrivers

The earliest known screwdrivers were used in Europe in the middle ages. Most probably the screwdrivers were invented in the 15th century. The earlier screwdrivers had pear-shaped handles. For the normal continuation of the daily lives of the people, the screwdrivers are an utter necessity.

The screws were invented to construct screw cut lathes for keeping the breastplates, helmets and the backplates of the armor safe and well-protected. As the type of screwdrivers required is completely depended upon the design of the screw thus, it took years to make screw into which the screwdrivers can drive easily.

The handle of the screwdriver

The design and the material of the screwdrivers have changed many times with time.  The handles are designed in such a way that it feels comfortable to be held in hand. But most of the time the handles of the screwdrivers are made with insulating materials so that electrical works can also be performed.

Tip of the drivers

There is a range of screwdrivers having different tips. For various uses, one needs to use a driver with different size, and hence it matters a lot before choosing the driver. Tips of the screwdrivers must be chosen as per the requirements cause the screw can completely be destroyed in the process of screwing. An external force is required while using a screwdriver so there are manual hand tool screwdrivers available in the market.

There are also electrical screwdrivers available in the market so that there would be ease in the application of the force. In a power tool screwdriver, the force is applied by an external power source as in the case of the electrical screwdrivers. So there are different kinds of screwdrivers available in the market, and one must look for the best electric screwdriver.

Thus with the wide range of the screwdrivers, there are many screwdrivers exporter. Since there is always a very high demand for the tools that come to use in our daily lives, so the screwdriver exporters have a large market in their favor.