Sahara enters Automobile Sector; rolls out the largest range of Electric Vehicles in India


Lucknow, 4th June, 2019: Sahara India Pariwar, one of the biggest Indian business conglomerates, announces its foray into the automobile sector, under the brand name, ‘Sahara Evols’. The business venture will cater India’s largest range of Electric Vehicles (EVs) along with advanced allied services. The product portfolio of ‘Sahara Evols’ consists of variants of Electric Scooters, Motorcycles, Three Wheelers and Cargo Vehicles. For the first time it is introducing a network of Battery Charging cum Swapping Stations.

‘Sahara Evols’, while starting from Lucknow, shall establish its ecosystem in Tier II and Tier III cities of India by the end of this financial year, in a phase wise manner. Subsequently, in the next financial year it shall be rolling out its products and services, pan-India.

First Time in India, ‘Sahara Evols’ shall bring:

A complete 360-degree ecosystem for Electric Vehicles
Higher torque for better performance
Network of fast charging systems with docking facility
Battery swapping system
Advanced motor & Drivetrain suitable for Indian roads
GPS based Map Location Tracking
Online performance analysis system
Industry’s first Distress Alarm Button for women safety
20 paise / km instead of Rs. 2 / km in petrol vehicles

On the occasion ‘Saharasri’ Subrata Roy Sahara said, “we are proud to introduce for the first time, a complete ecosystem of electric vehicles in India. Sustainable and environment-friendly modes of transportation are the need of the time as well as for the benefit of our future generations. The aggravated state of air pollution, majorly due to the proliferation of fossil fuel driven vehicles that emit toxic fumes in the atmosphere, is a silent but the biggest of threats to life on earth today. In fact, it is a grim reality that air pollution is affecting us personally and in quite an adverse way. Studies reveal that one out of every 8 deaths in India is owing to air pollution. Besides, the imports of crude oil heavily burden our country’s economy. The money otherwise could have been utilized by our government for public welfare like in health and education, for instance.”

He further said, “Globally, however remedies to return to a cleaner and a healthier world are been explored. The Sahara Evols range of electric vehicles is going to be our contribution in this direction – towards alternate, sustainable and eco-friendly modes of transportation.”

‘Sahara Evols’ vehicles run on advanced Electric Motors & Drivetrain designed and developed by German Engineering. The technology and design of Evols electric vehicles provide instant pick-up, zero noise pollution thus soundless cruise and lower battery consumption which leads to longer driving distance and also longer battery life plus 5 times lower maintenance costs as compared to conventional vehicles.

The vehicles are powered by dry lithium-ion batteries, which are lightweight, portable, smart-looking and have a longer life than regular batteries. These batteries are fast charging, with up to 40% charging in 1 hour which can provide enough power to cover between 55 Km – 150 Km distance in a single charge depending on the type and category.

Sahara Evols – Important Features

Zero direct emission
Zero sound pollution
Lithium Ion batteries
Keyless push start button
5 times lower maintenance cost as compared to conventional vehicles
Pioneering online locking mechanism through mobile app
Regenerative break system for energy optimisation
24X7 mobile app for on road/off road assistance

The cost of driving Sahara Evols Electric Vehicles in an average can go as low as 20 paise per kilometer against the cost of Rs. 2 per kilometer on petrol vehicles, thus entailing direct and substantial economic benefits to the users.

Sahara Evols is also introducing a first of its kind ecosystem for the electric vehicles, which along with a wide network of Service Centers across each city, also provides support facilities like delivery of a charged battery on call as well as for the first time in India, a network of ‘Battery Swapping Stations’ for customer convenience. These Battery Swapping Stations charge batteries quickly with ‘Evols Smart Charge Docking System’, or alternately, enable vehicle owners to swap their discharged battery with a fully charged one. The company has already started developing the service setup at Lucknow District, its first target market with the setting up of 57 service centers as well as providing training to the technicians for electric vehicles. Sahara Evols has also handed over keys to 101 inaugural customers at Lucknow.

Sahara Evols’ vehicles are also equipped with Smart Tech features like GPS tracking system through which the owner of the vehicle, with the help of the free downloadable ‘Sahara Evols Mobile App’ can trace the location of their vehicle, as well as ask for on-road and off-road assistance, 24X7. Users can also analyse online the performance of their vehicles and for the first time in India, can even lock the vehicle through the mobile app. The vehicles also have Distress Alarm Buttons for women’s safety and Anti-Theft Alarm to prevent any attempt of break-in.

About Sahara Evols

Sahara Evols is an initiative of Sahara India Pariwar towards providing clean, Green and more economical modes of transport. The vision behind Sahara Evols is not just to introduce a product portfolio but create an entire eco-system to support this paradigm-shift in the automobile industry and to associate its business interests with an overriding concern and sensitivity to the basic human right of a livable environment. Along with product quality, Sahara Evols’s focus is on service delivery with its wide and organised network of authorized service centers and charging-cum-swapping stations for each of the cities.

About Sahara India Pariwar

Sahara India Pariwar, is one of the biggest business conglomerates of India with multifarious interest like financial services, education, technology, housing finance, life insurance, city development, real estate activities, print and television news media, healthcare, hospitality and power. Founded in 1978 with just Rs. 2000 and with a deep-rooted philosophical concept of a ‘Family’ or ‘Pariwar’, Sahara today has assets of market value worth Rs.1,77,993 crore and a family of 14 lac workers with more than 5000 establishments, making Sahara India Pariwar the second largest employer in India after the Indian Railways.