Reasons Why the Height of Your Bed Matters

Bed Matters

When you choose a new bed, we know the priorities are design and comfort. Well, sometimes the design and luxurious look is the stamp on the comfort. One thing for sure is mundane and never considered – the height. The truth is, contrary to popular belief, bed height is important and it matters.

The height of your bed from the ground is pretty important. In addition to the bed frame and type, the height contributes significantly to the entire look and function of the bedroom, and not to mention, it plays a huge role in providing the comfort of getting up in the morning.

Whether you have a bed that resembles the mattress of a princess or that of a normal kind, the mattress on the floor and its height significantly affects you. Our finding and research heavily revolves around the traditional Japanese futon mattress. The study explains how the height of a mattress can add but it also explains why Japanese people have never changed their bedding style.

Here’s how the height of a mattress can affect you:


The most important justification of beds height is its comfort. Your well being during the day and comfort is closely linked to the height of your bed. The easier it is to get out of the bed, the more comfortable it will feel. In the morning when you wake up, you really cannot strain your legs for scrambling out of a heighted bed. Nor can you hurdle your way into the bed everything.

Sleep experts explain: an average person generally requires 25 inch of the bed height (including the mattress and bed frame height). However, just as we said above, this does vary individually and custom wise because Japanese people sleep on futon bed that is very close to the ground and is generally lay out on a tatami mat.

Japanese might have created futons out of need, due to small home space but their belief explains a different story. They are very close to Mother Nature and believe on the healing powers of the floor and very minimalist living style. Although according to American living style, floor sleeping option might not be comfortable for all age groups but for Japanese, authentic Japanese futons are perfect for every age.


As per general thumb rule, the bed height should correlate with your height. The judgment involves you sitting on the edge of the bed, if your feet lie flat on the floor and your hips are aligned to your knees then your bed is on a perfect height. If you’re sitting in the similar way but your knees are above the hips, your bed is too low and if they are not touching the ground the bed is too high.

However! Again this general thumb rule of sleep experts is not what everyone follows and believes. Japanese have been fans of the low beds since centuries and their love didn’t stop them from creating something as “shikibutons”. The authentic Japanese futon mattress is almost the floor itself, it connects them strongly to nature and never gives them a bad back.


The age is very likely to be affected with the bed height. An older person needs a bed that is easy to climb on and get out without straining the body. A very low bed will put the joints in struggle, whereas a bed too high will require jumping and exerting force on the ankles and knees. For kids however, the height of the bed and the ease of getting in or out is not the priority. In fact they should be safer on a very low bed, won’t fall.

Futon mattress might seem a bit stiff for your start, but it has proven to keep Japanese people healthy and active. Their futon attachment is there for a reason and seeing them significantly provides answers. So, if you even want a healthier and safer bed for your kid, try putting a futon bed in their room. The firmness of futons might seem tough to adjust with, in the beginning, but should be beneficial at the end.

Depth of the Mattress

Generally, the mattress and bed frame should comply. For a thicker mattress the frame has to be shorter and vice versa. As for futon mattress, it used to come in a standard thickness and length. But now you can have custom made futons with your desired measurements and thickness. Traditional futon mattress is filled with 100% cotton but you can also choose the filling.