Rashami’s Friend Suyyash Does Not Like Her Game, Says She Can’t Get Over Sidharth


Celebrities and former contestants often express their views about the controversial reality show Bigg Boss and open up on their favourite contestants, strategies, fights, etc. taking place inside the house. The latest one to comment on the same is BB9 contestant Suyyash Rai who clearly says that he doesn’t like Rashami Desai game as for her, everything revolves around Sidharth Shukla.

Fights and arguments in BB13 house:

As per Suyyash, it’s not surprising to see arguments and fights in any season but contestants of the thirteenth season are taking it to a completely different level. He also disclosed about his latest meeting with Prince Narula (who won Bigg Boss 9) and told that policies seem to have changed a lot now. Suyyash mentioned that he and Prince used to fight with Rishabh Sinha; however, things turned out to be normal at night as they fed him a couple of extra chapatis. But in BB13, all the contestants appear to be enemies from a long time.

Physical fights and injuries:

Suyyash talked about the number of physical fights and injuries which took place in past some days as well. As per him, all the participants had to sign a clause according to which they had no permission of hitting housemates otherwise a fine of whopping Rs 5 crore was to be paid.

Nevertheless, there has been no strict action from Colors TV against the housemates who indulge in activities like hitting and hurting others physically. Suyyash is of the opinion that things would have been under control if there had been interference from the channel and the guilty person had been shown the exit door. He also says that only the host Salman Khan is giving warning to such housemates on Weekend Ka Vaar.

Suyyash does not like Rashami’s game:

On the question of his favourite housemate, Suyyash says that he is not liking the game of Rashami Desai who is his friend and lives in the same building.

The reason for the same is that her conversations and all other things revolve just around Sidharth Shukla and she can’t see beyond him. According to Suyyash, he knows Rashami as an independent woman who is quite strong and doesn’t need anyone; however, this side of Rashami’s personality is not visible in BB13.

Previously, other celebrities also felt the same and said that Rashami can’t get over Sidharth and it is undoubtedly affecting her game as she is not able to show her real self on the show.

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