Railway Assistant loco pilot pay and perks


Among its plethora of jobs that Indian Railway offers to the various denizens of India, Assistant Loco Pilot aka ALP found itself among the highly ranked position especially, for those who have completed their ITI certifications either in Mechanical or Electrical trades.

Certified ITI holders of the trade are the only one eligible to apply for this job, the verification of the certification is done once, your RRB exam result is declared for the ALP. Hence, it is essential for the candidates to complete their apprenticeship before applying for this exam.

Apart the certifications you need to have a distance vision of 6/6, 6/9 or prescribed in the RRB Exam notification. Also, you should be medically fit in all aspects as a medical test is followed by ALP RRB Exam result and Document Verification.

What is Pay Scale for ALP?

The candidates appointed to this position are paid in accordance to level 2 of the 7th pay commission matrix. The basic pay is around Rs 19,900/ plus allowances to be admissible.

Initially your salary structure will follow Basic pay plus a list of allowances. The various allowances that you will be entitled for are:

1) Dearness Allowance @ 7% of the Basic Pay

2) HRA @ 8 or 16 or 24% of your Basic Pay

3) Transport Allowance- Rs 900/ or 1800/ plus D.A. on it, subject to the place of your place of posting.

4) Running Allowance which is Rs 3/ per Kms. approx.

5) Night Duty Allowance

6) Over time Allowance

With the incorporation of all the above allowances the lump sum amount you are paid at the end of the month is around Rs. 40,000/.

Perks of being An ALP

Apart from the salary discussed above, ALP officers are entitled to a number of facilities provided by Indian Railways. Below is a list of facilities that you are presented with once you become an ALP officer:

  1. Medical Assistance at no cost: ALP and their family members are eligible for a free treatment in Railway hospitals, however, the facility is not available for the parents of the employee, the only exception is if the staff has a widow mother.
  2. Railway Passes: An ALP officer is eligible to get 3 free railway passes for them and their family.
  3. Various Reimbursment: ALP are provided with a number of Reimbursments viz.Tuition fees of children. Rs. 27000/-  yearly, Hostel subsidy for children studying in hostels outside 50km of HQ-Rs. 81000/- each year.
  4. Timely increment and Career Growth: In addition to annual increment of 3%, ALP officers are also timely promoted to the following ranks:  Senior Locopilot< Loco Pilot <Power Controller/ Loco supervisor.

One of the best advantage of having a job at Indian railways is that it takes care of your family even after the demise of the staff member, if a railway employee dies during his duty his job is passed down to his dependent.

Sports is one of the mainstay of Railway culture, any employee who is involved in any sports activity are given special leaves to participate in the tournament.