Rahul Gandhi Gave S Dpeech That How Much PM Modi Is lying About China Taking Indian land. 


Rahul Gandhi gave a speech that how much h
PM Modi is lying about China taking Indian land. 

As Rahul Gandhi took the stage at the public rally in Kargil, the wind blew through his hair, his eyes scanning the faces in the crowd before him. He had come to this strategic location to address a very important problem that implicated all Indians.

Rahul Gandhi gave the speech with belief, “Ladakh is not just a piece of land, it’s a symbol of our control and honesty. The Chinese army has crossed the Line of Actual Control and taken over Indian territory. And it’s high time that our government takes appropriate actions.”

The crowd cried with approval, and Rahul Gandhi continued, “PM Modi is false the country by claiming that there was no Chinese intrusion. But we all know the truth. Our brave young Indian soldiers have laid down their lives and protecting our country’s borders. The government should take their sacrifice seriously and act accordingly.”

“Our government should stop making false claims and start protecting our borders. We all have to stand up besides any risk to our sovereignty and take back what rightfully belongs to us.He also cleared that China has taken our india land. 

The Prime Minister continued, his words cutting through the hush like a knife.

“He further added that Ladakh doesn’t have scarcity of solar energy, and the people of BJP know this. ‘This is a matter of land and they want to take away your land,'” the Prime Minister declared, his voice rising with conviction.

Amidst the cheering crowd, he stood tall and confident. His voice was very loud surged through the microphone as he addressed the sea of faces before him. The Bharat Jodo Yatra was not just a journey but a fight against the hatred and violence spread by the BJP-RSS in the country.

“The message that we carry is simple- ‘nafrat ke bazaar mein hum mohabbat ki dukaan kholne nikle hain’. We will not be swayed by their venomous words and we will not let their hate consume us.”

As he spoke, the crowd erupted in applause, their eyes gleaming with hope. Hope for a future where love and harmony would reign supreme.

He recounted his own journey, from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, and how he was unable to visit Ladakh during the yatra due to the harsh winter snow. But the desire to spread the message of love and unity did not wane, it burned within him like a fiery passion.

“So, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I embarked on a journey to Ladakh on my trusty motorbike. 

As an Army veteran who has served the nation with utmost dedication and integrity, I am deeply concerned with Rahul Gandhi’s claims regarding the India-China border dispute. It is disappointing to see a prominent politician spreading misinformation and misguiding the public.

The fact is, India has been losing land to China since 1950. It is not a recent development or the result of any government’s incompetence. It is a long-standing issue that requires a realistic approach, strategic planning, and diplomatic negotiations.

Gandhi told the media that during his recent visit to the union territory, he had learned from local people that China had taken some control over Indian territory. This news has sent shockwaves throughout the nation, with various difficult answers from the government.

But, what is even more shocking is that Congress MP has hit out at PM Modi, accusing him of lying to Indian citizens and hiding the incompetence of his government.

India china border

The  two sides had been in a military standoff for over three years, with tensions reaching a boiling point in May 2020. The Chinese Army had made an aggressive move to alter the status quo on the Line of original Control, resulting in a face-off that could have escalated into a full-fledged war.

But now, after 19 rounds of Corps Commander Level talks, there was hope for a resolution. The Indian and Chinese army representatives had met for Major General-level talks at DBO and Chushul on Friday, and on this Monday morning, they had reconvened to take the talks forward.

The air was tense as the soldiers exchanged humour, each side wary of the other’s intentions. But as the talks began, there was a sense of confidence in the air. Both sides were keen to resolve the ongoing stand-off in eastern Ladakh and were willing to make compromises to gain that goal.

As the hours ticked by, the negotiators made progress. They discussed demarcating the Line of Exact Control, disengaging troops, and ensuring that there would be no repeat of the May 2020 incident. It was slow going, but both sides linger committed to finding a peaceful resolution.

Despite having fought only one war in 1962, both nations had never quite been able to resolve their differences over the LAC, the de facto boundary separating them. And so, they poured billions of dollars into strengthening their respective military infrastructure, building powerful airfields and roads along the disputed border.