R is One of the Most Important Tools for Data Science


The contemporary world is run solely on data and its analysis is of utmost importance. It is very imperative for the survival any organisation, whether it is a fortune 500 or a mid scale home grown company. There are many such data analytics tools that is available in the market, each with its own set of advantages. One of the foremost among this bunch of tools is R.

Introduction to R

R has gone sailing past the other more established tools. It is the new kid in the block, created about 2o years ago, and one of its primary advantages is that it is a free programming language. The abundant availability of R training in Delhi makes its popularity evident.

R and its vast libraries allows its users wide variety of statistical and graphical techniques including linear and non linear modelling, statistical tests and several other functions. Since it is primarily written in C, C+ it is easier than the other programs. R is an interpreted language and users can access it through line command.

Thus, R training is much easier than the other tools.

Advantages of using R

  • It is the most comprehensive statistical analysis package, often new technology and ideas appear in R.
  • The graphical capabilities of R are exceptional.
  • It has no license restrictions and can be used from anywhere and anytime.
  • R runs on cross platform and is supported on various operating systems, like Linux, Macintosh and Microsoft.
  • It is an open source language and hence makes it is extremely comprehensive. There are close to 4800 packages relating to Data Mining, Econometrics and Spatial analysis.
  • It has a vast supporting community, thus any query is easily answered.
  • R can easily be integrated with other programming languages like Oracle, SQL, Microsoft Access and others.

Thus, it is easily understood why R training is required for job aspirants.

Commercial aspect of R

The commercial aspect of data analysts with R skills is highly viable. It is a highly coveted job paying rich benefits around 5 lacs INR per annum. R has re-established its dominance on the data science industry after a number of important modifications. Now it is faster and better than ever; hence R professionals are sought after. The pay scale increases considerably as you garner more and more expertise.


In India which is often seen as the place of outsourcing, thus, R has attained the same status here as globally. IT has emerged as the key player in the job market, with the hub in the metropolis like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and other big cities. Among this, Delhi has all the global companies based out of its territories. Job aspirants are now enrolling more and more for R training classes. Excellent R training in Delhi are abundant with many high profile classes available compliant with industry requirements. Join a R training institute in Delhi, a give a flying start to your career. If you are looking for a job change, then R is the way.