Proficient Use Of Instagram Account For Growing Traffic, Promote Brand Like Fashion Site And More And Get Sales


Would you really like to get the brand and products seen by more people and grow stronger following of customers who can easily relate to brand and just get paid? In case, the answer is yes, then IG might be the magic spell. Now with IG having more than 700 million monthly users, if not more and definitely more than Twitter, many brands are finding some of the ways to just interact with the IG community and earn some of the personally invested customers, willing to keep coming back for some more.

Well, this is not going to be the numbers that you better care about but the people using IG.Instagram users are shoppers and the IG study has recently showed that 70% of IG users have already hooked up with a brand available on the said platform. On the other hand, around 62% of the users will follow brand only because they like it a lot. You can get to the counting more by following the notions associated with Gramista now.

Once you post the proper IG images, consumers will start soaking up marketing message without any hard sales pitches right from you. So, the magic spell over here is to appeal to customers without selling. Shoppers mostly turn to social media for the references. So, the main moral over here is that IG helps to convert passive shoppers into some confident customers lately. It case, you are a newbie in the IG world, then no worries. Everything you have to know to market brand on IG will be covered. In case, you are not a noob, then there are some advanced tips for you to follow as well.

Get set to work on optimized account under business category on Instagram:

In case you are using Instagram for business, then the account needs to be separated from the personal one. Always remember that marketing is just about audience and not just about you. So, the snapshots and selfies of the Costa Rica trip with the other must stay personal and should not be mixed with business. They are not relevant to customers and will not get sales.

  • The fact is that “you” should just rarely appear on the IG page of the brand or even not at all. Instead, you can start by including link for boosting traffic to the website. On IG, you will have just one opportunity to lead a click over to website directly.
  • The bio is going to be the place where the link should remain clickable and just under the name and description at top of the IG page. Always try to include link to online shop or just targeting the landing page in spot.
  • You can always stay recognizable with consistent name or the photo. All the IG services will lead to nothing in case the pieces are not fitting easily to show what the brand is actually. The major key over here is to always stay recognizable. Choose IG name that is the same or just related to business name across some of the other social media channels.
  • You better try to keep the profile image as consistent as possible. All the engagements and interactions on IG will then be accompanied by just little thumbnail of profile picture. Always be sure to remain professional and recognizable.
  • You should also include interesting and informative bio to say the least. Before people get to hit the Follow on IG, they might have to click through to profile. So, always be sure that last thing people get to see before deciding to follow is informative and catchy bio. You better convince them of the content and value to add feeds into.
  • You can address business name and even concise description of what you can actually work on. Try to keep it interesting and light and without sale-sy tone. IG is unique culture different from online shop. So, make sure to craft bio appealing to the IG community that you want to reach and reflect tone of images you get to share.
  • Hash tags and keywords will not really matter as they are not searchable when they are on the bio. At some point, you might want to add hash tag in the bio. It can work is you are running a hash tag campaign.

If you want, you can easily change bio for promoting latest sales, campaign or launch. But that should have the link.

Creation of some popular IG posts:

A picture really has the power by taking advantage of those already hooked up by it. Analysts will always credit growing popular on IG with the help of its image-centric value, mainly as the other social media sites will receive twice as many comments on the posts with images when compared to just links or texts.

  • The highly preferred for the images has to be bio-engineered into brains. Around 90% of the information as transmitted to brain is visual.
  • So, it is always mandatory for you to harness effective and beloved world of IG and post some of the product pictures to make some great sales. Even though IG is always full of the shoppers, it is always not a shopping destination.

Try to avoid the hard selling to just appealing people on IG:

Buyers have always reported strong influence from the social media while considering any purchase. While the first ever influencer is the social media shares from friends, around 38% of them are influenced by the social media platform of the brand. Then you have other 35% of them influenced by the retailers and their social media presence. So, the brand is supposed to have a lot of sway right here. But, mistrust of the sales pinch tone is something quite dangerous for the growth of your social help.

Just be sure to know more about the items in choice and look for the one you want the most. There are loads of options available in this lot.