Prime Minister Narendra Modi Gifts Ivanka Trump on her first visit to India.


US President Donald Trump’s daughter and adviser Ivanka Trump participated in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Hyderabad on Tuesday. Ivanka also met Prime Minister Narendra Modi. PM Modi also arranged for special dinner for Ivanka.

On Tuesday, Ivanka wore a green dress in the program, which remained a subject of discussion on social media. Many people praised this look of Ivanka, so many said what kind of clothes are these.
During a dinner on Tuesday night, Ivanka wore a dress designed by the legendary Indian designer Neeta Lulla. On this gown, golden thread and fine city weaving in the historic city of Varanasi have been used and a sitar is made on it.

Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017
Prime Minister Narendra Modi also gifted him during the meeting with Ivanka. PM gifted a box of wood to Ivanka. This box was the faux workmanship of Gujarati. This workmanship is also known by the name of Siddly Kraft. This craft is made in the vicinity of Surat.

After taking part in the evening, PM Narendra Modi organized a special dinner for him at Falaknuma Palace. At this dinner, 100 very special guests who attended the Global Entrepreneurship Summit along with Ivanka also participated.


On Tuesday, the special guest, Ivanka Trump, took a taste of Indian dish with PM Modi at the historic Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad. Indian vegetarian dish served to Ivanka.

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