President of France attacked ‘nationalism’ in America


Staying apart, isolating someone or nationalism can be a temporary option to overcome our fears, but by closing our doors for the world, we cannot stop the world from moving forward. This will not reduce the fear of our citizens but will increase it further. We will not allow the world’s hope to be harmed by the craze of extreme nationalism. ”

These words were the President of France, Emmanuel Macro, who is on a three-day tour in the United States. After talks with US President Trumpet and the well-publicized group, the Macroeo clearly spoke of their “minds” in front of the joint session of the US Parliament.
Macrons described the policies of nationalism and separatism as a threat to the world’s prosperity.

It is believed that his speech was a minor injury to American President Donald Trump’s agenda created for America. Although the relationship between the two leaders is strong, but Macrons’ speeches revealed that they do not agree with the American President for international business and from Iranian to environmental issues.   As soon as Macro came to deliver his speech, the Parliament stood up for three minutes and welcomed him with applause. First of all, he read the unimaginable relationship with America, which has freedom, tolerance and equal rights.

What did you say?
In this 50-minute long speech, Macrons said that he hopes that the US will adopt the Paris Climate Change agreement again. At the same time, he promised that France would not break the nuclear agreement of 2015 with Iran.

Trump has separated America from the Paris agreement and threatens to end Iran’s nuclear deal with Iran.

Macrons said that no matter what all the concerns are going away with this agreement and these concerns are justified. But without any other concrete alternative, we should not leave it alone.

They said, “What is the meaning of our lives if we are wasting the earth and putting the future of our children on the stake. Believe that there is no other earth. In the future, we all have to face the same truth because we all live on this earth. ”

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