Popular Examples Of Instagram Based WordPress Plugins Widely Used By The 2018 Marketers These Days


Do you have this niche of shooting pictures and then sharing on IG while even running the WordPress website by its side? If so, then you can always head towards noteworthy plugins, designed for the 2018 market, which are here to stay for long. Instagram and WordPress are two different worlds and the time has come to merge it well. So, the main question in this regard is why not incorporate and even display the IG photos and feeds on WP website with WP plugin.

The reason behind IG and its growth:

Now, the main question over here is why IG has become so popular among the masses. It is primarily similar to both Twitter and FB. Instagram is a well-known social networking app, designed to share videos and photos. It is also stated to be one big network with more than 1 billion users. There has been an article from Forbes, which explain on why IG is quite engaging with the audiences right now.

  • Proficient mobile functionality is a point to consider. It is easy to use wherever you are and also when you are right on the go.
  • IG is also more like a leave taking from the apps like Twitter, FB and LinkedIn. It is not just easy for you to use but also known for its simplicity.
  • In terms of functionality, IG is not at all limited. It is not like LinkedIn, where the functions are only limited to professional networking. Instagram, on the other hand, is widely approachable to a wide scope of people.

In case, you are an avid user of WP and IG, then you can easily connect these two for creating a better world now. For that, you can easily try installing IG plugin on the WP website for engaging well with your visitors with some of the awesome photos and end up with more followers now. You are cordially invited to catch up with https://gramblast.com for a change and learn more about the tools, which can make your dreams, turn into reality easily.

Exploring the world of Instagram Theatre:

Instagram Theatre is noted out to be an inspiring example of IG gallery and also portfolio based WP Plugin. With the help of this plugin, you can easily try to add some photos from IG account and then start publicizing the same on website.

  • With the help of this noted plugin, you get the opportunity to just choose from so many layouts. Some of the examples are list, grid and even full-screen.
  • It is also noted to be a flexible example of plugin for the IG and comprises of various features.
  • It comprises of an easy to use and intuitive admin panel. Moreover, it can support Android, iPad and iPhone.
  • The packages come handy with Fancybox integration, along with effects and animations from JQuery and even working on the 3 site of the template bundled added.
  • This plugin will work right out of box and will be easy to just set up and then use. IG Theatre now has more than 1400 sales on CodeCanyon.

AccessPress IG Feed Pro:

Instagram Feed Pro is always stated to be that premium form of WP Plugin, as created by the AccessKeys. With the help of this plugin, you get the chance to just add IG feed on the WP website of your choice. For that, you just have to use a short code or even a widget for displaying some of the IG feeds. This plugin helps in supporting the IG user’s recent media, popular feed, user likes, any user and even focusing on hash tags.

  • You get the opportunity to choose from so many layouts like Grid, masonry, Circular and even from Slider, just to make your WP website pop out a tad bit extra.
  • On the other hand, this plugin has the power to just feature multiple lightbox stiles.
  • Here, you get the option to just display the current username and user profile image. The services are noted to be theme accent colors, translation ready and even come with hover text colors.
  • It can further work out on the JQuery effects and animations to be precise.

So, it is not hard to state that this plugin is perfect one for IG and WP for publicizing the feeds in blogs, posts and sidebar. This plugin comprises of more than 1100 sales on CodeCanyon, which is a good mark to consider.

Grace designed for the WordPress:

Grace is also designed to be creative plugin example of the IG feed WordPress. This premium plugin is associated with various customization options and will feature to create beautiful IG feed media walls.

  • With the help of this plugin, you get the chance to aggregate and even stream posts from the IG accounts.
  • Along with other WordPress plugins for the IG, Grace will help you to collect and even mix some of the IG feeds in the same form of social media wall.
  • Grace comprises of awesome and creative gallery layouts, fixed height grid, masonry and even image slider.
  • Furthermore, the session comprises of lightbox galleries, IG based carousel posts support and even response design.
  • You can end up with smart resource loading along with some of the beautiful profile headings and some post approval systems.

You can even enjoy some DIY card template builder. Grace is here to cover around 400 sales and more on CodeCanyon.

Towards inGallery to follow:

InGallery is noted to be an IG feed, video and photo WP plugin, which comes with a premium version too. With the help of this premium option, it becomes possible to just display and then showcase some of the stunning and creative galleries. Portfolio, Lifestream and even travel pictures are part of this option. You can further get the chance to organize galleries into albums by just highlighting the IG content for visitors.

So, what are you waiting for? With so many tools by your side, you can easily add IG with WP with ease.