PM Modi: The Most Celebrated World Leader Online


Current Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, is an excellent example of human values and ethics. He has been in the news for several reasons in the past few years. In a world where the majority of the people are hypercritical, carving out a credible space on any social media platform is not a simple job. There are very few people who are loved and respected without any deception, and PM Modi happens to be one of them. This man epitomizes the word “Leader”.

We already know the sensation that he is when it comes to twitter. From being communicative about his views on numerous social issues to talking about his topics of interest, he never fails to deliver his thoughts precisely.

A recent feather to the hat is him crossing the thirty million milepost on Instagram. With this achievement, Narendra Modi superseded all other acclaimed leaders who have been here for a much longer time.

Many BJP leaders expressed their best wishes to the prime minister to be the first person to receive such warmth in such a short span of time.

The Distinguishing factor!

Modi is way ahead of global leaders like the US President Donald Trump as well as the former president Barack Obama. What is it that makes his social media game on point?

The present-day popularity of the Indian Prime Minister can be rationalized to his unparalleled connect with the youth of the country.

Prime Minister and his social media team ensure that they reach out to the citizens to make essential evolutionary announcements and address the individual as well as societal issues regularly.

Not only he loves the Millenials and keeps on initiating policies that foster the holistic growth of the younger generation, but also, whenever he has the opportunity, PM Modi tries his best to strike a conversation with the youngsters. He treats everyone equally, stays as real as he could, and that’s what makes him stand out in the race.

The exponential rise in his followers is attributed majorly to his ability to empathize with the masses.

Vision and Ideals of the Prime Minister

Search ‘ETV Bharat Breaking News India‘ on google and trust us, more than half of the web page navigations will lead you to re-affirming claims about this great personality.

All this, in addition to his international relations campaigns, justify his ideals and intentions to a great extent. Fifty million twitter followers, along with many others, love and support the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister is an application-savvy human being who carefully uses technological aids to reach out to the public. He is a man of action and not mere words, and this claim is testament by the various social media campaigns that marked their genesis in his presence.

Be it the “Swachh Bharat Initiative”, “The fit India Movement” or the campaigns like “Selfie with Daughter” which emphasize the protection and education of the girl child- His voice has always been loud, clear, and convincing.