Places to Visit in Bali for the Solo Travelers


Visiting Bali alone is something totally thrilling for some people. That is because there are so many places to visit in Bali and many of them are considerably friendly enough even for the solo travelers. If you are thinking about spending your next vacation in Bali and you plan to spend your days alone on this island, you might need to know some of these spots that you can visit. That is because these spots might be considered as the best spots that you can visit as a solo traveler.

  • The first one is Sanur Beach. You surely have known that there are some beaches that you can visit in Bali and some of the most famous ones are Sanur and Kuta. If you are thinking about going to Kuta Beach alone, then you will need to think about that once again. That is because you will find the crowd that many solo traveler do not like. Because of that reason, it will be better for you to visit Sanur Beach that is more quite than Kuta Beach.
  • The second one is Nusa Lembongan. This place is located on the southern part of this island. The best thing that you can do on this place is surfing with the manta rays. Yes, this one can be quite dangerous if you do not know how to deal with this creature. Even though, it turns out that those wild manta rays are not that dangerous if you do not disturb them and that is one reason why this spot is considered as the best diving spots in Bali that you need to try.
  • The third one is Mount Batur. If you love something challenging, this is the place that you need to visit. You will get the beautiful golden sunrise from the top of this mountain and that is one thing that many people are looking for from this mountain too. For your information, this mountain is not the highest mountain that you can find in Bali, but the beauty of the scenery is totally worth the height that you need to hike to the top of this mountain.
  • The last place is Seminyak. This place is the place where you have to set your base camp. That is because this area offers you the beauty like nothing else. As an addition to that, this area is considerably modern enough so that you can make sure that you can get all of the things that you need. There is nothing that you need to worry about if you are staying in Seminyak.

Those are some places that you can visit in Bali if you are traveling alone. All of those places in Bali for solo traveler can be considered as the best places that you need to try since you will not need to worry about anything if you travel to those locations. As an addition to that, those locations also offer you many nice things that you will surely love.