Paris in Three Must Museums Visits by Travelgenio

View on Paris
View on Paris form Notre Dame cathedral

If you had to choose between all the museums in this city, which ones would you choose? We will talk about the three ones you cannot miss. But, although Travelgenio is recommending just three of them, Paris is a city where any place you decide to visit is perfect. Take a look to the tips.

View on Paris
View on Paris form Notre Dame cathedral

The Louvre Musuem

There are travelers that are just traveling here to see it. Very similar to the Madrid Prado Museum, it is a must once in the Light City. Among the many art works you will be able to discover, you will be waiting for your date with the Giocconda. If you decide to see the whole Museum you will need, at least, two days to enjoy the whole collection. The truth is that tickets are not really cheap but, if you are an art lover, it worth every single euro. Also take into account that, if you visit it during the first Sunday of the month, you will enter for free.

The Orsay Museum, where contemporary art is located

If you love impressionism and would like to go to a museum where you can enjoy the main works from expressionists, impressionists and also post impressionists, the Orsay is your place. As it happens with the Louvre, if you want to visit all the collection, you will need, at least, two days. Many travelers decide to take a sandwich and have lunch while they visit the many rooms. Here you will find the huge Van Gogh collection in the world. Also take into account that some of the works can be lend to other museums all over the world so first check if the one you want to see is inside during your visit.

As the Louvre, you can visit it for free during the first Sunday. You will pay around 12 euros.

Pompidou Galleries, the Art of the 20th Century

It is time to visit all about the vanguard inside this gallery. All about the 20’s is here, inside this museum. As it happens in the Louvre or Orsay museums, the younger ones can visit it for free. Anyway, these galleries are cheaper than the rest of museums and you can take a ticket from about 11 euros. With this entrance you will be able to visit the permanent collection but also the temporary ones. You will need at least a morning to discover all its treasures.

This is just an example of all the beauties you can find in Paris, but there are many others you need to discover by yourself. Paris is one of the most stunning capitals in the world.