Outstanding Villas in Arabian Ranches Having Great Investment Value


Dubai is known for its luxurious property where every other day a new community with great living amenities is becoming part of the city. Arabian Ranches is one of such communities that offers amazing facilities to its residents along with an impressively peaceful environment. Racism is something unknown to Dubai and people from all religions and communities live peacefully. Arabian Ranches offer all luxurious facilities one can think of and a living standard that every person want. The luxurious design of every villa clearly illustrates the artistic prowess of the craftsmen.

The moment you step in the community; you can witness the luxurious lifestyle of the place as promised by the builders. To ensure maximum security of the residents, Arabian Ranches is a gated community that is ranked one the best communities of the city. A number of buyers and renters are interested in this property while the outstanding facilities prove it the best place for families to live in.

The place is divided into two phases, i.e. residential phase 1 and phase 2. The first phase comprises 4000 villas and 12 sub-communities while the other phase has over 1, 724 villas. Every villa has a unique design and pattern. If Mirador exhibits Spanish housing style, then Palmera impresses viewers from its European structural outlook. However, these aren’t the only two architecture designs villas have in Arabian Ranches rather you see a great diversity in housing structures including Moroccan, traditional Arabic houses, Santa Fe Themes, etc.

Though, the community is located at a distance of 10Km from the main city on Sheik Mohammad Bin Zayed Road, but the self-sufficient community has all amenities one can think of. If you don’t like hustle and bustle of the city, then you can keep out of the city as long as you want and enjoy all amenities offered by the community.

Common Amenities Available for All Arabian Ranches Villas

Here are some mutual high-end amenities shared by all luxury villas and available for every resident.

  • Elite Security

It’s a gated community equipped with security cameras and security guards. The crime rate in the community is zero percent. Families can easily bring up their kids here without fearing any security problems.

  • Wide Range of Amenities

You find every facility here including bars, spas, clinics, pharmacy, coffee shops, restaurants, travel agencies, and supermarkets. A lush green golf club is also there where you can watch and play matches after getting their membership that is available for everyone. Polo rides, desert styled gold field, and squash courts are some other popular sports amenities for locals.

  • Serene Environment

The community boasts of its lush green area. Calm and peaceful place is far from city commotions and you don’t have to worry about 21st century environment problems and possible health issues related to pollution.

Popular Villas in Arabian Ranches

Arabian Ranches is known for its outstanding villas which are not deficient in living amenities. Features of five most common villas are mentioned-below.

Palmera Villas

These villas are inspired from European style. Premium quality material is used in their construction while the villas ranging from two to three bedrooms. Beautiful architecture and amazingly done finishing prove it a worthwhile investment.

Saheel Villa

This two-storey villa is known for its landscapes and mesmerizing views. They have two to five bedrooms sever well for a family. Gardens, golf clubs, and stunning views are some outstanding features one need to consider.

Al Reem Villas

The Arab and Spanish inspired designs give a great living experience and have numerous amenities for residents. They have two, three and five-bedroom villas along with beautiful gardens and lake views. Private gardens and beaches area are also available with a few houses.

Mirador Villas

Mirador villas give you a taste of Spanish architecture and show the beauty of nature at the fullest. Every villa features inspiring living amenities, beautiful gardens, living spaces, and private pools.

Casa Villas

These three to four-bedroom villas feature Moroccan architecture. There are six splendid designs you find here while the dramatic views and soaring ceiling, open-plan living areas, and flood of natural lights entering from windows are exceptional features of Casa Villas.

Arabian Ranches is an isolated society that provides you all living amenities and peace you want for your family. The rates of the houses are not as higher as other extravagant communities, but the facilities you get here are second to none. Buy a luxurious villas and give a safe future to your kids.