Of Blue Mountains, fragrant roses and home-made chocolates-Visit Ooty, the Land of Dreams


Situated at an altitude of 2240 metres above sea level, Ooty is certainly the Queen of hill stations with its lofty mountains, tea gardens and forests. With miles of refreshing greenery meeting the eye at every point, a trip to this enchanting land is a favourite with tourists, especially honeymooners. The winding roads are quite a challenge, but to a seasoned driver, it gives unlimited joy, especially when behind a powerful SUV. Tourists often take the self-drive mode to enjoy the mesmerising scenery to make it a family vacation of a lifetime.

Commuting the easy way

Ooty offers excellent weather conditions all the year round and is a haven for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts due to the amazing vistas at every turn. Having a chauffeur driven vehicle could be binding at times, hiring a cab from Bangalore to Ooty from new-age self-drive specialists like Zoomcar is the answer to it. Dozens of SUVs, hatchbacks and sedans are on display so one can make a prudent choice depending on the budget and the number of people travelling. One has to be prepared to halt and savour lip-smacking temptations like white chocolate, strawberry chocolate, fresh buns and cakes, with a hot cup of fresh tea from the plantations here.

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Magnificent views, Dazzling vistas on display

The serene Ooty Lake and the vast, lush green Botanical Gardens are must-see places while on a long, relaxing tour to Ooty. Also one has to make sure the self-drive vehicle is from a reputed car rental agency, so there are no breakdowns on the road. Agencies like Zoomcar have a 24 x 7 on-road support along with the necessary damage insurance in place too. With a GPS to help navigation while on the move, the vehicles are ready to take up any challenge. Travelling in a self-drive Bangalore to OotyTaxi not only allows all the comforts needed but also gives a lot of privacy that is missing when there is a driver in the car and a sense of enhanced security too.

Doddabetta Peak is a wonderful place to be to catch the sun going down and offers a bird’s eye-view of the entire region. Upper BhavaniLake is about 20 kilometres from Ooty and with a car at one’s disposal, travelling to any place becomes quite a breeze, literally. With friends and family joining on the trip, it is necessary to keep the vehicle in prime condition, a job that’s taken quite seriously by self-drive car hiring agencies. Park the car at a nearby parking lot and get into the Nilgiri Mountain Railway to enjoy the cool mountain air that blows into one’s face.

Self-drive vacations are becoming quite popular by the day especially for those who love the adventure associated with it. One is handed over a well-maintained vehicle with a full fuel tank which results in money and time savings. There are an amazing number of sightseeing options in Ooty one must explore to gain complete mileage from the trip and with a self-drive vehicle to bank on, it is quite easy to accomplish this lovely task.