Now Seat Belts are also Mandatory for Those Sitting in the Back


If you have a car, then the news we are going to tell you is very important for you. Previously, seat belts were required to be installed only for those in front, but now in the national capital Delhi, seat belts have also been made mandatory for those sitting behind. If you do not sit back and put a belt, you may have to pay a fine of up to Rs 1,000. In such a situation, if you are driving in the capital, then you have to follow these rules.

Delhi Police had issued notice last week regarding these rules. The purpose of this rule is to ensure road safety and safe driving. This rule is first implemented in West Delhi. This rule has been implemented from 13 January. Now for not wearing seat belts, Delhi Police can deduct a huge challan of 1,000 thousand rupees. Delhi Police’s plan is to implement this rule in the entire capital.

Two-wheeler will also be invoiced

Apart from this, if you have not installed the rearview mirror in your motorcycle and scooter, then you should be ready to get your challan deducted. Delhi Police has implemented the new rule, according to which it will now be necessary to install the rearview mirror. If you have not followed this rule, your challan may be cut.