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Mistakes are portal of discovery- revoke messages using WhatsApp’s new feature


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WhatsApp, the biggest chat and messaging application in the world it has billions of users across the world. This app has more users when compared to BBM, Hike, Facebook and such similar applications. Because of its massive success, Facebook has acquired WhatsApp for $19 billion. Now, people are using WhatsApp for almost everything. Millions of people are joining WhatsApp every day. It has the huge customer base. From the school-going children to the retired adults, everybody uses WhatsApp to satisfy their needs. People can send photos, videos, audios, documents via WhatsApp. Since its launch, WhatsApp has become highly popular. And almost 80% of the smartphone users use WhatsApp. Most of the people use WhatsApp as the alternative to the conventional messaging application that is inbuilt in the smartphone.

A survey says that people can save three to four hours, if they are away from WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and other social media apps and sites. Among these apps, people spend 60-70% of the time on WhatsApp. WhatsApp has many features; each feature supports a unique functionality. When it was launched initially, it supports only sharing of text messages and photos. But now, people share videos, GIFs, they can record voice and send audio clips, they can do audio and video calling. When WhatsApp launched video calling, many people who use video calling regularly to chat with their loved ones who are separated by distance, they preferred WhatsApp video calling. One more addition to WhatsApp is revoking the old messages. Yes, WhatsApp now allows you to revoke your wrong messages that you have sent on WhatsApp. Let’s see how it works.

Deleting sent messages

We know that people are using WhatsApp for almost everything in this digital era. It has almost changed the way people communicate with each other. There are many interesting things happening through WhatsApp. It is absolutely fun-filled and safe app. Sometimes in an excitement, people used to send a message to a wrong person, or sometimes they send message wrongly to the correct person. After that they will try to correct it, and they can’t do so. The wrong context will be read by the right person or the wrong person will read the right message. All these confusions happen. Almost all the WhatsApp users would have come across this situation at least once. So, are there any solutions for this? Yes, there is a solution for this. WhatsApp is about to launch a feature that will help the users to delete a message with the wrong context or they have sent to the wrong person. With this new feature, users can delete a message, but the condition is that the receiver should not read that message. To make it simple, the sender can delete the message if it is unread by the receiver.

The feature helps the sender to edit and delete the text, which they have sent wrongly. This feature is going to be live soon. It is the tendency of the humans to make mistakes. So stop worrying, WhatsApp  clone script will help you to revoke it.

This option is available in some of the social networking apps or sites like Facebook. In Facebook, users can edit, delete the Facebook status, post and they can also delete the comments anytime when the user thinks that these comments or posts should not appear to their friends or others on Facebook. Now, this option is available for the Facebook-owned company too.

Almost every one of us will use this feature badly. From long back, people are requesting to add this feature in this app. Since it became more popular it is time for the company to add this interesting feature into their app. It is the first time; WhatsApp is having such a revoking functionality. Now, WhatsApp will allow revoking the sent messages but soon it will be available on the beta version and in the Android beta version also.

A revoke option will appear next to the message within a single tick; it is the WhatsApp language that indicates the message has been sent to the server, but not delivered to the receiver. A double tick indicates that the message has been sent to the receiver, but they have not read that message. WhatsApp users can’t revoke the messages if they have received a notification on a recipient device.

WhatsApp is testing the new live location tracking feature also. With this feature, users can track their friends in a group in the real-time.

How to revoke the messages

There are many new features, WhatsApp is about to introduce in 2017. Revoking the sent messages is one among them. By the end of the year, WhatsApp will offer great functions to the users across the world. There are situations when we send text messages by mistake, which we never intended to send. After realizing it we repent on our mistake and start thinking on how to rectify it. But now, we should be glad that WhatsApp has given us an opportunity to be able to rectify the mistake, which we have done. Unfortunately, there are only two possibilities, in which we will be able to revoke the messages which we have sent by default. The company is trying this feature on iPhone beta software. Users can edit and resend it again; similar to the way we do on a post or comment on Facebook. This is feature is only applicable to the person who you sent the message has not seen it. So, this will really be the great news to all the WhatsApp users as many times they send the wrong message and feel for it later. Some people say that this is a rumor. But, people hope that WhatsApp will launch this feature in its upcoming updates.

Steps to delete sent messages

  • The best way is to block that particular recipient before he/she reads your message.
  • WhatsApp server can hold that message for only 30 days, after that the message gets deleted automatically.
  • So, after 30 days you can unblock that person, after blocking that particular person, you must uninstall and install the app again.

But during the installation, don’t click yes for the past recovery message option. This trick will surely help you. By this way, you can simply delete the sent messages or you can wait for the upcoming WhatsApp update, it will make your simple.

Till now, WhatsApp has not updated this feature; it is expected to arrive within the next few updates. Till the new feature arrives, you can use the old trick in case of any emergency. Follow this step if you don’t want the other person to read that message. The first and important thing is to switch off your internet connection before the message leaves from your phone and goes to the WhatsApp server. There are many difficulties and impossibilities involved in this unless you have very slow internet like 1G connection, you can think of this idea.

WhatsApp has many new ideas for its users. And the company will take all the actions to maintain its huge user base. People use WhatsApp at least once in a day. So, all these new features will have a good reach among the public. Day by day, WhatsApp impresses its users with its new features.


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