Microsoft Excel Can Be Your Gateway to Analytics


Microsoft Excel has been there for us since the very initial days of the personal computer. Essentially a replacement for the handwritten spreadsheet that adds, subtracts, divides and multiplies without human help. The simplicity invested in Excel has kept it relevant in the market for so long. From public offices to corporate houses MS Excel has established its utility. Now, we are in a different era all together, where huge amounts of data is used to predict possibilities and discern patterns in consumer behavior, market status and commercial trends. Microsoft Excel has updated itself to cater to the changing needs of the professionals. Microsoft Excel training in Malaysia prepares you for conducting enterprise level analytics.

MS Excel at workplaces

If you go through the job postings for analytics jobs you will follow that a significant number of jobs require Excel skills. Why is that if Excel is not a recognized tool for data analytics? This is because MS Excel functionalities can be utilized for mathematical procedures which can be really insightful. The latest developments in Excel allow usage of large amounts of data from various data sources. More over almost all professionals have the basic knowledge of Excel so it becomes easier for the analyst to interact with other parts of the company on an Excel based platform.

Excel enhancing profit

As mentioned earlier Excel allows you to store and manage a large amount of data. This in turn lets you monitor organizational data through the graphs, tables and charts that this tool offers. A company can not only take account of its profit and loss statement but also discern patterns from the data regarding production and sales. The patterns drawn can be used to generate insights regarding the causation and correlation of the developments. This can help an enterprise prepare for the future. Thus Excel can actively used for descriptive and predictive analysis which in turn can enhance productivity and profit.

Why take up Excel course

Microsoft Excel training in Malaysia is focused on the new advanced features of Excel which allow larger data storage and improved flexibility. Through the course of the training you learn to use the mathematical functions to penetrate the acquired data for insights. You also learn to use the tables, charts, and graphs to visualize the data so that others can interact with it. The pivot tables play a vital role in this too.

Advanced Excel training can provide you with a strong foundation in analytics which will help you learn more complex, dedicated analytics tools. It can be very helpful if you choose to move towards business analytics. More over Excel skills are always in demand, so it is a win win situation for you.