Meet A Hotelier Who Loves His Work!


One of the most challenging and demanding jobs in the world belongs to the hotel industry. It is here you need to be on your toes all the time. There are cases where guests at the hotel are difficult and hard to convince. Here, you should face them and never lose your cool. A hotel is a place where you need to forget your worries and make others feel like they are in a home away from home. Sounds hard for an ordinary person to do however if you have a mentor who is an outstanding successful name himself to guide you, this task is not impossible!

Patrick Imbardelli is the name of this business leader who is a mentor and guide to several people joining the hotel industry in the USA and the world. He is an inspiring figure and one of the top names that newcomers rely on when it comes to guidance and mentorship. He says that when you join the hotel industry, the scenario does look daunting. The glamor, the guests, the pressure and lots more do take a toll on you. However, this happens to everyone. He says that when he joined the hotel and hospitality industry 30 years ago, he also had the same feeling. However, he was determined to make it big and he did. Today, he helps newcomers understand the hotel industry and guides them on how they can become successful professionals themselves.

He has been a successful professional and instrumental in the growth and the expansion of The Pan Pacific Hotel Group. This hotel group is no stranger to the luxury chain of hotels in the world today. He has been largely responsible for its success and international acclaim. He was the President and the Chief Executive Officer of this Hotel Group. Today, it is known for its top service quality and friendly staff. Guests that come here say that they feel like they are in a home away from home. The staff emulates the guidance Mr. Imbardelli tells them and approach him on a regular basis on how to improve in-house services. This has led the Hotel Group to receive a number of international awards under him. Today, there are 12 international locations and each one of them is known for its service excellence.

The management of the Pan Pacific Hotel Group also banked on the wisdom and guidance of Mr. Patrick Imbardelli. He is a successful business analyst and has a keen eye for business perfection. He has been actively involved in the management and supervision of work. He has a friendly disposition and great interpersonal skills. This has widely contributed to his success today. When it comes to leading and management, he is more of an example over a voice. People follow him and this quality makes him stand out from the rest. Besides work, he is also actively involved in charity and looking after underprivileged poor children in his free time.