Make Your Living Room Stylish & Unique

Living Room Furniture

The living room of your home is said to be the focal place. For many of us, the purpose or the use of the living room is different, depending on our requirements. For example, for some of us, a living room is the place to spend family time together, for some, it may be the place to host the guests, and for others, it may be the place to show their lifestyle to the outsiders. So, every one of us has different requirements, depending on the lifestyle and so, the living room decor also has to be complementing or matching our requirements.

Moreover, a living room should reflect your personality and lifestyle in every way. Irrespective of the purpose or the use of your room may be, but the style and decor have to be according to your taste and personality. However, when you plan to design your living room, there are some common factors that you should consider before you bring in your modern home furniture.

Living Room Furniture

We will discuss some tips that will help you make your living room not only stylish but also a unique one.


There are some basic points that you should know before arranging your living room furniture and they are as follows:

1. It is important that you create a focal point of your room, and then place the furniture around it. Sometimes, your focal point may be your fireplace or anything that highlights your room. For this purpose, you can also highlight a particular wall of your room and make it a focal point. There are different ways you can create the focal point of your room to give a unique effect to your decor.

2. Place your furniture in such a way that it creates conversation areas. It means that when you plan to bring in your furniture pieces, make sure they do not clash with each other or create a disturbance among the members to be accommodated in the room. After all, a living room is a place where members gather and have their conversations, be it family members or guests.

3. When you plan to decorate your living room, consider the flow of traffic you are going to have in your room. It means that when you place your furniture pieces, it is important that you have enough room for people to move from one end of the room to the another with ease and hassle-free.

4. Another most important thing you need to consider is that pull all of your furniture pieces away from the walls. The backs of the pieces should not touch the walls. It is because if the backs of your pieces will touch the walls, they will spoil or disturb your wall paint, and also they will create a more intimate setting which will give an effect of overcrowding.

Size and placement

When it comes to decorating your living room with your favorite furniture pieces, of course, the size matters a lot.

Sofa & Chairs

When you talk about sofas, they are the biggest pieces of your decor, and so, you need to plan ahead of bringing them in your living room. For this, make a rough or the floor plan that what your favorite sofa will look like when you bring it in your room, and see that if that suits the place in every sense. It means that before you bring in your sofa set, make sure you have enough room for accommodating your favorite piece. For this, it is also important that you take the accurate measurement of your room and ensure that the piece will fit in perfectly without disturbing the place and the space of the other decorative items.

Chairs are also an important part of the living room decor. So, when you plan to bring in the chairs, try to figure out the space defined for them to fit in. Moreover, when you bring in the sofa and the chairs, you can place them at different spots and try out how different it looks and how it enhances your decor.

Area Rugs

Rugs are said to be the best pieces that enhance your living room decor completely in a different and traditional way. Rugs have been there in the decor from the olden times. They have been the part of the living room decor as a tradition which people used to follow religiously. Today, in the modern times, rugs have been there as a part of the decor in a completely different way. They make your room look stylish and they also serve the best functionality of keeping the space clean and tidy, especially when you kids and pets at home.

When you plan to buy amber glass jars for your living room, you will get a variety of patterns and designs which will enhance your room decor in the most stylish way. But, when you place an area rug in your living room, make sure it has all the furniture in its area. It means that your furniture pieces’ legs should be there on the rug which will make your room look being tied up in a unique way.

Coffee/center table

When we talk about the center table, there are no specific rules and regulations you should follow. But, when you bring in your coffee table, make sure its height is lesser than your sofas and equal to the chair sofas which are parallel to it. Moreover, for a change, if you do not want to use a coffee table, you can try using a couple of smaller tables in your living room which will reflect the concept of group furniture. In the category of group furniture, you get a wide range and you can select the most stylish for your room.

Side Tables

Side tables are usually, much thought after pieces, but they also make an important part of your living room decor. When you talk about the side tables, make sure you have enough of them to make your seating comfortable. For giving a unique style to your sofa set arrangement, you can have a side table at the side of each sofa of your room. It will not only give a unique style to your room but will also help your guests to have a drink at their place without walking up to a table and get it.

Living Room Accessories

When you talk about the living room accessories, they are equally important as your living room furniture. It is important that you give your equal focus and attention to some accessories that you want to decorate your room with. For example, giving some window treatment, having some artwork on the walls or windows, television cabinet, and lots more you can have in your living room. But, before you think or plan to bring in the accessories for your living room, make sure you have them placed in the appropriate manner and that they should look stylish.

Thus, decorating your living room in the most stylish way and making it look a unique one is not so difficult. But, you need to be aware of some basic factors affecting the same. Also, take yourself to the modern furniture stores and buy stylish furniture that will enhance your decor.