Make your Career and be an Architect

career and be an architect
career and be an architect

Architects are involved in all phases of development right from the discussion to construction. The duty demands many skill sets such as engineering, design, supervisory and managerial.

Skills required: Creativity, ability to sketch, scientific temperament, keen observation, leadership, patience and flexibility, supervisory skills, and physical stamina.

Creative designing

Architects who have done the course from the best part-time civil engineering degree in Singapore focus on design work. The design comprises scientific and artistic skills. The architects work on instructions from the client that define the type of building required such as commercial, residential, housing society, an industrial estate. Also, you are required to work as per the client budget. The project comprises of designing and making changes in existing structures. The various ideas are approved and discussed by the client. The plans and sketches of various specifications and sizes are made as per the estimate of the price of building materials. Also, models of the project are prepared in the form of graphic representation. After this, the design of the interiors or layout of the buildings is prepared. This work can be done by the architecture alone or with a team of architects. This depends on the type of company in which an architect is working and the type of contracts undertaken by the company.

Administrative and managerial responsibilities

It involves obtaining permission to build buildings from the local authority. Negotiating and preparing contracts with contractors, surveyors civil, and structural engineers. It also involves presenting drawings and estimates. The architects are the overall in-charge that make regular visits to the location, seeing the quality of work and checking work in progress. He also ensures material security at the site. His job responsibility involves giving instructions to agents or contractors and certifying payments to them. He also discusses problems with the site manager, structural or civil engineer till the time construction gets completed and gets ready for client use. Hence, if you have done the course from b arch colleges in India, then you have to make sure that you have to perform all the discussed job responsibilities.

Career progression

The career progression involves a practical apprenticeship with an architectural organization in the final year. After graduation, you have to do small projects during the training time. You get the opportunity to gain practical knowledge. You work under the guidance of senior architects and learn the technicalities that are involved in the project. After few years of training, you can handle small projects and can curate architectural designs. The training gives you the confidence to work independently. The senior architects and experienced people work on large projects and handle the team of junior architects. They can also work as a consulting manager and architectural assistants. You get the authority to deal with and inspect major technical issues, take legal decisions, and do costing.