Magento Vs OpenCart – An Analytical Study of Platforms that Power up E-com Sites


Do you have a promising entrepreneurship idea in mind? You want to take your marketplace online and reach to heights of success? Then you need to choose a Content Management System (CMS) platform that’s sure to give your ecommerce business site an edge. An amazing shopping experience for users is what you aim. Then choose either Magento or OpenCart after analyzing and understanding the CMS platforms.

About Magento

Magento is the most advanced cloud-based ecommerce platform. It has taken online shopping experience to unparalleled heights with its PHP based open source software. Through its technical features, it has enhanced crucial aspects of an e-com store – the shopping cart, multi-sourced inventory, email, mobile commerce, etc.

Magento 2 multi vendor marketplace extension is among the latest software products which have surpassed both original edition and predecessors. It gives an edge to merchants and catapults websites to top slots by allowing vendors/ sellers to automate a wide array of functionalities since it comes with a User Interface (UI) with an intuitive frontend. No prior experience is required to master this brand new Magento software extension. Managing frontend dashboard ranging from products to orders to invoices, support and rating can be done in a jiffy. Magento marketplace extension also features multi-currency and multi-language facilities. You can let your customers know when you are away on leave through ‘away’ sign. Instant alerts sent to vendors when a new order has been placed on the site.

About OpenCart

OpenCart is PHP based open source software through which merchants can download a shopping cart to facilitate their e-commerce business sites. It serves as a powerful store manager deftly handling products, orders, coupon codes, and all customer-related things. It enjoys the advantage of having the widest range of themes and modules to support e-commerce store functionalities and necessary customizations. It is a multi-lingual global platform and is also SEO-friendly.

If you want to leverage the buying power of smartphone users then the ideal solution is to sell products via OpenCart mobile application on android powered phones.

The Similarities Shared by Magento and OpenCart

Both Magento and OpenCart are open-source, free PHP based software which employs templates for the purpose of product uploading.  

The Differences between Magento and OpenCart

Studying the differences will make your judgment and choice easier.

1) Magento is indeed robust (supports larger online stores) and it consumes a lot of resources (infrastructure and money) in respect to hosting and server usage whereas OpenCart is light on a hosted platform and is the ideal choice for smaller to medium-sized online stores.

2) Magento has every possible feature that can be thought of, but you need to be conversant in Magento and PHP to understand complexities and troubleshoot any problems. But OpenCart is easier to be programmed by even the startup entrepreneurs.

3) In SEO aspect Magento is a clear-cut winner because of its amazing flexible features like optimizing of Uniform Resource Locators (URLs), titles and images and smart plug-in for WordPress powered blog.

4) Just like the platform, Magento community is robust certifying developers with credibility. But that is not the case with OpenCart. In the case of Magento, you know who to approach for your e-commerce needs.

5)  Magento is a more secure option for robust websites because of constant security patches and updates.