Lose the hassle of carrying two Glasses with Transition glasses!


Transition glasses are now the ultimate favourite of people who hate to be unorganised. Imagine the trouble of carrying two different pairs of glasses every day when you step out of the room. Many people forget important things while driving to work, meeting or shopping or just hanging out with friends and family, and glasses often slip off the mind instantly. 

We all know the trouble of wearing prescription glasses and carrying an extra pair of sunglasses. We need sunglasses when we step out and exchanging your prescription glasses feels often burdensome and a lot. Many of us often forget to carry them which is ultimately detrimental to our eye health. 

Sun as we know it possesses harmful UV rays that are not only harmful to your skin but also your eyes. Extensive hours of harmful sun rays cause painful vision discomfort that progress into being permanent vision loss hence we should avoid rays as much as you can. Due to the constant change of vision, glasses and sunglasses are inconvenient for several of us who have to change it often from being outdoors to coming indoors. 

Being unconcerned or careless towards protecting your eyes can cost you a fortune hence transition glasses help you to cope in such situations. Transition glasses offer you a complete package in a single pair, sunglasses and glasses put together in one. Here’s how it helps:

What are Transition Glasses?

Transition glasses are also known as photochromic lenses which change with your vision necessity. Transition glasses look like a pair of ordinary prescription lenses but just when you step out in the sun, it turns darker and acts like sunglasses. It changes with the activity you do, and not only do you get your vision and sunglasses features in a single lens but you are also free from carrying two different pairs while going out. 

Transition lenses react with the sun rays to change into the darker shade but just when they come inside your home and are free of sun rays, it comes back to its original clear lens. The darker shades of the transition glasses help with blocking out harmful UV rays while providing you with clear vision altogether and greatly convenient in your busy lifestyle. 

How does Transition glasses help with ease of your Vision Needs?

Transition glasses are the new cool fashion accessory that is not only loved for its convenience but it’s working like pure magic. You step out, your glasses automatically turn into sunglasses and just when you step inside its back into being a normal pair of glasses, it reacts smoothly according to the environment. 

It works so well that transition lenses are available in prescription and non-prescription glasses so that everyone can leverage its unique features. 

Transition glasses are of great help in situations like when you are going on a trip with your friends or a picnic with your family. You don’t need to make extra space for carrying your sunglasses and exchanging them whenever you need them to prevent UV rays absorption. As a result, you’ll be way too busy putting them on or forgetting them where you put them last time hence it will be chaotic. Transition glasses work great when you go for work or carry on for meetings and don’t have time to find your sunglasses. It’s greatly efficient in place of two different glasses and highly fashionable in design.

Transition glasses’ magnificent design is not only limited to its lenses but its frames are also available in a variety of styles. Transition glasses are sorted in a range of stunning frames that are present in different textures, patterns, material and style.