Liver Transplantations in India

Liver Transplantations
Liver Transplantations

The liver is the vital organ of the human body that is important for synthesizing food into energy in our body. The role of a liver is significant in protecting you from various forms of diseases. They also act as indicators of your health which makes it impossible to ignore their functions. Improving the overall health of liver is the means to a healthy lifestyle.

On the other end, there are thousands of people including children who are suffering from life threatening live diseases. In this case leading experts and surgeons believe liver transplantation as the only possible solution the save the patient’s life.

In fact, many doctors in India have been successful in performing the most complicated operations with their teams of experts.   On 22nd June 2017 a  2-year-old boy suffering from Hepatoblastoma was operated by Dr. arvinder singh soin, who is currently  the sitting chairman of the Liver Transplantation and Regenerative Medicine department of Medanta Hospital, in Gurgaon.

A Padmashri awradee Dr. Soin is known for conducting hundreds of successful liver transplantations in India and abroad. He has performed 1500 liver transplantations indicating that expertise lessens the risks of donating or receiving organs for surgeries, even if the case is complicated.

The scope of Liver transplantation:

However in the recent years, this functional organ has been put into a number of stressful situations. Alcohol consumption, obesity, dietary imbalances, consumption of chemical substances from food etc, all of this has led the multi tasking organ to a certain degree of discomfort.

Indeed, liver is at risk due to the current lifestyle. Experts believe that nothing can be done if liver doesn’t function properly other than replacing the organ itself. This procedure is on the rise with an increased case of liver failure. Such life-saving surgeries have been saving millions of lives across the globe and in India liver transplant is made accessible to everyone.

Monitoring patients:

Once the liver transplantation is performed, the patient undoubtedly can lead a normal life. However, a long-term medical management is necessary. Hepotologists like are aware of the consequences without constant monitoring of the liver health post-transplantation.  Dr. arvinder singh soin  has come across 12000 more complex liver surgeries in his career spanning over 21 years where he felt h the need to consistently check the performance of the vital organ.

Better health:

Following the increase in Liver transplant medical practitioners suggest the following to ensure better health of the organ.

  • Try to avoid consuming alcohol that causes potential damage to the liver causing fatty liver disease and other related diseases. Alcohol along with other sugary foods has been the cause of liver failure cases in India.
  • Irregular intake of food might continue one might cause bloating, constipation or fatigue. It’s ideal to follow a proper diet to ensure ideal metabolism of the liver within the body. Cruciferous fruits have been proved beneficial for the functioning of the liver.
  • Intake of anti oxidants helps in removing toxins from the body and make liver healthy.
  • Boosting immunity with the consumption of fish sardines and salmon helps protect the liver from fatty deposits.

You will need to check on your daily eating habits to lead a healthy life and all these factors can be addressed to remain healthy, thus, helping you to  prevent liver-related diseases