Limitations of Outsourcing Call Centres overseas


Are you planning to outsource your call centre services to a foreign country partner? Well, if yes there are certain limitations of the same that you need to know. This service is when an external service provider takes care of the call centre services of a business where this external partner is from a different country. Foreign outsourcing comes with many restrictions for the user, as there are several things to look for when finalizing an overseas business partner. While there are numerous benefits of outsourcing call centre services, there are some drawbacks too. Check out as we have collected some limitations that business needs to know before outsourcing call centres overseas:

Less control over services

When outsourcing is done from another country, there is a lack of direct communication, language barriers is an issue, time differences is another major concern. These issues many times takes the role of major limitations that tend to make the outsourcing service restricted to some definite boundaries and these further affect the growth in many ways. It is advised to outsource services to companies within the country as this initiates more control over the service provider. However, when working with business overseas, there are many things that you cannot enjoy the same way as with the on-shore partner. An offshore service provider tends to give less control of the business to its owners which makes working with a nearshore partner much efficient. There are many perks of working with a nearshore partner like communication is easy, understanding can be maintained well, no language and time boundaries which gives the business owner much more control over the services which is not possible otherwise.

Trust differences

Outsourcing Call Centres service overseas brings trust differences often. Having a foreign client to deal you calling services and to talk to your customers can be risky. The foreign outsourcers’ language is firstly different, so it is questionable whether the partner would be able to influence and solve your caller’s issues or not. There are many frauds too that have utilized offshore services making it more unfortunate for the overseas company’s brand image. Moreover, it is very hectic and hard to find out the credibility of an offshore partner, which brings trust issues. This is why it is advised to go for an onshore service provider to enjoy apt outsourcing call centres service.

Reduced customer satisfaction

Having an overseas service provider it is not easy to bring in satisfaction to the customer. The service providers that are from the same country better understand the business and its tasks and are familiar with its drawbacks, so, solving customer query is easy for them. When the user has an onshore service provider to hear to their issues, it is easy to make them understand and there is a connecting feel between the two. This is why businesses are advised to have a nearshore partner as this enhances the satisfaction of the customers and assures faith too.

Less focus

An offshore-outsourced partner has more clients and these service providers have to deal with customers of different countries, so focusing on you caller’s interest especially is not easy for them which can hamper your customer satisfaction. However, having an in-house call centre can benefit the most, not only in focusing on business tasks without distraction but there is an assurance too that a reputed onshore firm will not give wrong services to any business. These onshore partners provide an omnichannel support to bring effective results for call centre services. However having an offshore partner that looks fancy in giving services cam bring issues over communication, language, security overseas, trust barriers, time issues, etc.

Security concerns

Oversea partners have altered security concerns, as security requirements differ from one country to the other and working on different security patterns is not easy for every organization. These oversea partners can bring high risk to your confidential information and even if a company finalizes an external service provider like this, their background check has to be performed very strictly.

Hidden cost

There are much-hidden costs with an offshore partner. Many costs are said to come after you finalize the services and in-between the production process. However, it is important to make this clear with the service user before. These costs are generally of legal issues, hiring lawyers with international law knowledge etc.

Lack of company knowledge

An offshore service provider is generally unaware of your country’s culture, values and even does not have much knowledge about the business they would be giving service. This lack of knowledge does not them to serve the outsourcing call centres in an effective manner and can bring diminished user-experience. Customer problems are solved only when the service provider knows the business well and is aware of how to solve user issues over calls.