Lake Management: How to Clean Algae from your Pond and Lake


Algae are the number one problem that lake owners face. This can be the bane of the lake keeper and can turn maintenance into a heavy-duty chore that can be time-consuming and frustrating. Algae not only make your water look murky but can also use up much-need oxygen. However, with a few steps and products, you can say goodbye to algae easily.

Through the process of photosynthesis, algae combine water and carbon dioxide to form sugars. While they do produce oxygen, they respire when there is no sunlight and use up their stored sugars and oxygen to produce carbon dioxide, which could use up the oxygen in the pond.

Products that Help to Clean and Aerate your Pond and Lake:

  • Aeration- to expose the effect of air that circulates throughout the pond

This is the best way to keep your pond clear of the green monster or algae. Use fountains, waterfalls, and splitters to get the water flow constantly so that the water action prevents algae from forming in stagnant waters. It also helps with muck control.

A subsurface air diffuser can help increase the oxygen transfer rate, which assists in creating a clean environment for your pond plant life, as well as the quality of water in your pond. There are other products such as floating fountains and rocking piston compressors that help maintain balance in the water, which in turn discourages algae growth.

  • Water Treatments- include process such as filtration to remove particles in the water

The treatments you use in your pond also determine the condition of the water. There is various lake and pond management maintenance products or water gardening products such as pond pumps, filters, etc. that will clean, clear and condition the water so that it looks naturally healthy. You could invest in a water clarifier and nutrient reducer that clears the water through probiotic action. It is the environment and fish friendly and can greatly reduce your pond or lake maintenance time. You can even invest in other lake water treatments that will help keep your pond or lake water clean and clear of algae.

How to Naturally Control Algae in Lakes:

Plants are nature’s way of dealing with algae. Fish that inhabit ponds or lakes produce nutrients, and if you don’t have plants that can absorb this excess nutrient production, it could lead to an environment that is ideal for algae growth. To introduce algae control, you should increase the number of oxygenating plants on your lake’s surface. This is the simplest way of making sure your water content is clear.

Plants such as lilies provide shade for your pond. This prevents water evaporation and helps to control algae growth due to the limited sunlight. The plants absorb the nutrients and rob the algae of much-needed food.

Using high-quality fish food will also deter algae growth as the food will be digested fully, leaving no nutrients for the algae to thrive on. You can also opt to use products that incorporate UV technology.