Know the Benefits and Features of Domestic Travel Insurance During your Travel in India


You may be planning to visit Kutch in Gujarat during the Rann Utsav or go to Kolkata in West Bengal during Durga Puja. Travelling around our country, helps you experience different cultures, and also destress, unwind and take a break from your rigid schedule. But to make every trip a memorable one, you must account for every possible outcome and prepare for it. This will allow you to tackle contingencies smartly, and prevent them from dampening your holiday spirit.

Be it an accident, theft or even your car breaking down, one way in which you can protect yourself as well as your finances is by buying a domestic travel insurance. Hence, Bajaj Finserv brings to you a domestic holiday cover that allows you to protect your trip with an extra layer of security so you have complete peace of mind.

Take a look at why this policy is worth every rupee of the premium that you pay.

Assistance if you find yourself stranded

Getting stranded when you’re in an unfamiliar location may be worrisome, but with domestic travel policy you will never have to worry about such situations. In the event that you’re stranded, the policy offers Rs.50,000 for hotel and travel bookings in India. You can use this substantial amount on an interest-free basis for a period of 28 days to get back home safely.

Roadside assistance if your car breaks down

You may choose to travel an expansive distance by road. To ensure safety, given the poor road conditions and lack of road services, buying a domestic travel insurance policy is a must. You can tackle breakdowns and repairs with ease through the roadside assistance that the policy offers at over 500 locations across the nation.

Complimentary coverage for accidents

With a domestic travel insurance policy you will get complimentary coverage for a range of situations. This includes accidental hospitalisation expenses, expenses arising due to cancelled hotel bookings or trips, baggage loss, home burglaries and more. You get widespread coverage of up to Rs.3 lakh for such outcomes when you buy a domestic travel insurance policy through Bajaj Finserv.

Card protection and free PAN replacement

When on a holiday or a business trip, it is likely that you will carry plastic money for the sheer convenience it offers. But it’s also possible that you forget your wallet in a cab or a restaurant and are unable to recover it. If this happens, you can use the travel insurance policy and have help at hand at all hours of the day. Just call 1800-419-4000, the toll-free number, within 24 hours to lodge a complaint. On your request your cards will be blocked by the insurer, without any delay. In case you lose your PAN card as well, this insurance policy offers a replacement at no extra cost. This saves you the hassle of filing for a replacement once you’re back.

Regardless of whether you travel every other month or take a break once a year, insuring your holiday with a domestic travel insurance policy is a wise decision. It costs just Rs.699 per annum and applying for it is easy too. Simply fill up the application form on the Bajaj Finserv website and avail domestic travel insurance policy online, in a matter of minutes.