Is Exness Good Enough For Traders?

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When mentioning the best forex brokers in the world, you cannot deny the presence of Exness. I am sure that Exness is one of the biggest forex brokers that you can trust in. There are many questions relating to Exness’s credibility or qualification. To reply to their questions, I decided to write this article to give a deeper review of Exness’ situation and aspects.

Like other brokers, Exness has weaknesses and strong points but its weaknesses are not the problem. In contrast, strong points will decide Exness’ qualification. If you concern about Exness, let’s read until the end of this article.

  1. Different types of account for types of traders.

As you know that forex market is very complicated so there are different types of traders using various types of accounts as well. Depending on traders’ demand, traders tend to change type of account when they move to the new level of trading. Currently, Exness has four types of account – Mini, Cent, Classic and ECN account. Mini and Cent accounts are designed for trading beginners and traders who want to check trading plans and Exness’ trading conditions. Classic account is for regular traders. Finally, ECN account is specially for experienced and experts. One more thing, Exness is attracted by ECN traders as well therefore it becomes the best ECN forex broker as well.

  1. The rapid speed of payment system.

Many traders in the world, especially traders in Asian countries, face the difficulties in depositing and withdrawing money overseas during trading process. If they want to deposit the money by credit card, the local banks will charge fee 1-4% of total fund. This rate is too high for them so that they can get much profit if they win. So traders consider to deposit. But with Exness accounts, traders don’t need to care about it because Exness support the local payment system through local banks. Moreover the speed of transferring process is just within milliseconds. In comparison with other brokers, Exness’ payment transfer speed is the fastest.

  1. The best customer service

To adapt all demands of customers, Exness build the customer service 24/7 to support their traders all over the world. They can support their clients in many different languages such as Chines, Thai, Bahasa Malaysia, Vietnamese and Persian. For traders in non-English countries, Exness is the best choice for their trading path.

Through this support channel, the broker and traders can directly connect to have clear explanation and deeper understanding.

Moreover, you can find some information of Exness on their website which is audited by Deloitte. Therefore you can trust in all of them.

  1. Exness’ leverage and spread:
  • Spread: Exness has the low spread, which means that traders don’t need pay too much for spread so that they can save money to invest in their orders and gain more chances to win. Exness offers the lowest spread for the 6 most trading currency pairs.
  • Leverage: relates closely with the chance to get profit so if the leverage is high, traders can believe to get high profit as well. So it is wise for traders to choose the higher leverage brokers. And Exness is one of those brokers. Exness provide traders with the highest leverage possible, sometimes up to unlimited. So it means that traders don’t need to pay anything for margin.

By this Exness reviews, I believe Exness is reliable enough for you to trade with. If you still have concern, let’s just sign in Cent account to experience the environment before officially trading with them.