Infected patients from coronaviruses crossed 694, 14 people have died so far.


The problem of coronaviruses in the country is becoming increasingly severe with the passage of time.

Given this, the central government has announced a 21-day lockdown in the country. Coronavirus infection cases in the country increased to more than 600 on Thursday. While 14 people have died so far. Today, 70 new cases of corona have been reported, while 43 people have been discharged from the hospital. Meanwhile, comparing the battle of Coronavirus with the ‘war of Mahabharata’, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Wednesday that the country will win this war by creating social distance and staying at home, due to the strength of 130 crore nobles.

Modi told the people of his parliamentary constituency, Varanasi, through video conferencing, that the war of Mahabharata was won in 18 days. Today, the entire country is fighting against Corona, it will take 21 days. We try to win it in 21 days.