Importance of Web Portals in different industries and available options

Web Portals in different industries
Web Portals in different industries

Web portals are developed for serving various purposes. A web portal can be defined as a single point access to applications and information. Web portals are not only developed for online selling purposes or to ensure online presence, but they are developed for various other purposes. Different web portals, having different aims, have been developed with different approaches. For example, if you need an online web portal for selling products, you need meticulous use CMS platform that supports ecommerce activities.

In the following section, we shall find different types of web portals for different industries and their applications for serving various purposes. But before that, if you want to develop your web portal, then you should find a legitimate as well as experienced business house. Several top website development company in Delhi NCR are there, and choosing web development company  as offshore development unit will prove to be highly beneficial for you.

So here are various kinds of web portals at a glance:

  1. Enterprise Portal

An enterprise portal is also known as a corporate portal, which acts as a basic framework for communication for an organization. With an enterprise framework, live projects are handled by the employees and top management unit can keep their eyes on the activities. Having such a portal lessens up management hassles for the small businesses. It also makes the work culture friendlier for the employees and thus better productivity level can be attained. Enterprise portals can accommodate various users and typically users have unique ID and pass codes to login in their portal profile.

  1. News Portal

A news portal is something that we commonly see these days, as several online news agencies are there. News portal makes news update and content management process simpler and easier. News portal database management process is also simpler. This is why online news agencies prefer having a news portal. Many business websites have also their own news portals to showcases upcoming business events, news, etc.

  1. Travel Portals

Like news portals, travel portals are there, which are mostly used b the travel agency companies. To make their online presence felt in front of the audience, travel portals are designed. Travel portals also offer easy content management process and travel related news or updates or blog articles can be shared through travel portals with ease.

  1. Education Portal

Education industry has made distinct progress after the advent of online based communication systems. Students can opt for distance learning programs and to give the proper online platform to the students, education portals are designed. Educational portals typically have different users and every user has unique user id and password to enter the portal. Education portal features latest updates, exam notices, course fee notices, syllabus, assignments and various other things.

  1. Ecommerce portal

Ecommerce based companies need to design portals to showcase their products for the buyers. Buyers can visit the portal and can buy the products as per their requirements.

For web portal development, open source platforms are often employed and to get complete open source development solutions, one should find a veteran web designing services in Delhi.