How to travel around Delhi like a pro


Delhi is a cultural hub. You need to see it to know the essence of the city. Every Indian, probably every traveller should visit Delhi once in their life time. Delhi is a vast city. It will take you at least one week to see all the places that are important. For those who do not have time, Delhi one day tour packages are also available.

As Delhi is a large city, you should first decide what you will be travelling in. There are many modes of transportation in Delhi and here are your options –


Bicycle –

This is a very offbeat way to travel around a cultural city where each street has an interesting story to tell. Be your own guide and cycle around the city. All you need is a backpack with water, quick bites and a map. It is on a cycle that you can see everything and experience the ethnicity of the place. Also, it is a very eco- friendly way of commuting. You can start early around 6 in the morning to avoid traffic.

Walk –

If you want to know the city up, close and personal, get on your foot. You should walk around the place to know the city and its people from a closer view. There are many city walk guided tours that you can choose from. You can enjoy the rich heritage of the city along with some mind blowing morning snacks like bread pakoda and parathas.

Rickshaw –

It is the most convenient way of travelling around Delhi. It is also lower in price when compared to hiring cabs. Those who cannot sweat it out by walking or cycling can opt for this mode. You can get rickshaws every minute so you do not have to worry about bookings. Travel around and take a view from the windows. The colourful city will look marvellous when you are on the go. Travel through the narrow alleys and traditional lanes as you visit the architectural wonders in the city.

Metro –

Delhi is proud of its metro train and it never leaves a chance of boasting about it to the travellers, who come visiting. Metro is easy to travel in and pretty fast. If you want to be in a hurry and save money, metro is the best option. The trains are very clean and are up to international standards. It covers most of Delhi and you can visit many places using this transportation.

Taxi –

Cabs are a normal in Delhi. The cosmopolitan city is a home for thousands of taxis all catering to tourists, both national and international. In Delhi you can travel in taxis if you want to have a very sophisticated touring experience. You will be dropped at the door step of each of your destination and you will not be required to spend extra energy or time.

Delhi is a wonderful city. It is good if you take 1 day trip near Delhi the next time you are there. By, car or bus, Delhi looks beautiful in any way.