How to Stay Fit in Morocco


Exercising while on holiday couldn’t be the furthest thing from your mind I’m sure, but by choosing to take one or two weeks off from your regular fitness routine while travelling you will find it very hard to get back in to when you get back home. Instead, while on holiday to Morocco, make some time to take part in one or two of the following activities to keep on track: 

 Go to the Gym 

Most hotels and beach resorts in Morocco are fully equipped with not only spa facilities, but fitness centres too, meaning that you can keep up-to-date with your fitness routine while you’re on your beach holiday. Mazagan Beach Resort, for example, has a fitness centre that offers tailor made services to fit your wants and needs, and includes a room of cardio training equipment that comprises of 18 Technogym devices, a weights room that comprises of 22 guided Technogym devices, physical preparation on 2 Kinesis (with more than 230 exercises each), and personal coaching sessions that specialize in specific sports. There are also Pilates classes and alternate workouts that consist of jogging on the beach, tennis and water sports. 

Go Hiking or Trekking

Morocco is home to the Atlas Mountains, the Sahara Desert as well as a number of beautiful national parks, including the Toubkal National Park, meaning that there are plenty of opportunities to keep fit by going on a walk, taking a private trekking day tour, or hiking in the picturesque mountains. If you are looking to do any of those three options, be sure to pack a high factor sunblock or sunscreen, a hat that covers the majority of your face, and some good quality walking shoes in order to be as comfortable as possible.  

Take Part in Water Sports

If you have never done a water sport before, don’t worry, there are a number of resorts in Morocco that offer lessons in diving in the Mediterranean and Atlantic oceans, surfing in Taghazout and Banana Beach, white water rafting and kayaking at the High and Middle Atlas Mountains, windsurfing and sailing at popular resorts such as Agadir and Essaouira, and more, meaning that your holiday is the perfect time to try a new and exciting way to keep fit. What’s more, you can then use your new sport when you’re on your yearly holidays in the future.

Exercising while on holiday is hard, especially when you would rather be catching some rays on the beach with a good book and getting a tan instead, but by choosing to do one activity a day, you will be able to keep up with your fitness routine wherever you go!