How to promote a Business online in Dubai


Dubai has become a global business hub. Almost all major national and multinational brands have their outlets in Dubai so it is a huge market place for every business. If you also own a business in Dubai then you have a great potential to grow your business. However nowadays businesses have gone online. People mostly use internet to buy, sell or search for products. In Dubai and other gulf countries the trend of online buying and selling is also growing rapidly. According to a survey online purchasing in Dubai alone will grow up to 200% till the end of 2016. So if you have a business in UAE but you are missing the online market of this country then you are losing sales every day. Making a business online basically involves creating professional business websites, profiles etc and driving online traffic to them through different online marketing techniques. Here is how these online marketing tactics can help you to grow your business on the internet by driving qualified visitors to your business website.

Search Engine optimization:
SEO or Search engine Optimization is refers to ranking a site in Google or other search engine for different key terms which users are searching to companies. If you can rank your site for such key terms in search engine then your potential customers will definitely land to your site. Seo is the most economic and reliable way to gain qualified visitors to your site.

Example: If you are running an IT Educational institute in Dubai and offering different Networking diplomas then you might want to target users who are searching for “CCNA Diplomas in Dubai”. You can see that users who are already searching for this key terms are already interested in joining a ccna diploma institute. By targeting this key term and ranking your site in Google for it you can gain a lot of local visitors to your website who are already looking for your offered services or products. We can help you to achieve this goal by using our 100% white hat seo services for your website.

Social Media Marketing:
Social sites like facebook, twitter, instagram and lots of others have also become a great online market. Thousands of people remain online round the clock on these sites. By promoting your business to these online social users you can definitely give a great exposure to your business. We can help you to do that by promoting your social page or website to showing your ad to these online users. This online marketing strategy may involve growing facebook page fans or twitter followers, running FB Ads etc.

Pay Per Click:
Pay per click is yet another great way to promote a business online in Dubai. PPC is also just like SEO where you target keywords and strengthen your site so google can rank it for your targeted key phrase. However SEO different from PPC because in SEO you will need to strengthen your site by building links and slowly google starts showing your site on top search results for your targeted key phrase. In PPC the case is different because here you will need to pay google to show your site ad in search results whenever a user type your targeted keyword. This is also a great an way to gain qualified visitors to your website however it is an expensive online marketing approach. Google adwords is the program which you need to join to start your ppc campaign. You will be charged for every single click you receive on your website from Google Adwords ads. By joining our PPC campaign management service you can ask us to help you to plan, optimize and execute your PPC campaign so you can get maximum ROI on your advertisement.