How to Prepare For Knee Surgery


Patients who do forward planning have a better experience with knee surgery. There are several things you can and must do to help your rehabilitation after surgery. This ensures that your recovery will go more smoothly as you change back to your day to day routine activities.

Quick Tips:

Top knee surgeons in india recommend the following basic tips to prepare for surgery:

  • Make arrangements for care givers: In the first few weeks after surgery you will need the help of some other person for routine activities ranging from taking bath to organizing meals to running errands. It is good to make such arrangements before surgery.
  • Get educated: Get all information about knee surgery form the office of the surgeon or a class by a community health group.
  • Arrange dental work: If you require any type of dental work, even a regular cleaning, get it done before surgery to avoid infection in the new joint.
  • Get medical clearance: Your surgeon may ask you to get medical clearance by scheduling an appointment with the primary care physician treating you for a physical examination and pre-operative history.
  • Quit alcohol consumption, smoking, consuming herbal supplements and caffeinated beverages:

These are all risk factors for surgery. Ask your surgeon and adhere to his advice.

  • Blood donation: Consult your surgeon whether you need to donate blood before your surgery for possible use for transfusion during surgery.
  • Arrange for sick leave: In case you are employed, make arrangements for time off from office for surgery and recovery. Discuss this time period with your surgeon.

General Tips:

The surgeon such as best knee replacement surgeon in Delhi provides the following general tips to prepare physically and mentally for knee surgery:

  • Control your weight: Knees bear a lot of weight of the body. Every ten pounds in excess of your ideal body weight exerts extra pressure and strain on the ligaments and tendons of your knees. Therefore if you can lose some weight, do it. Follow some non-jarring, non-repetitive exercise like swimming and also watch what you eat. The fitter is your body, the faster it will heal and result in positive outcome.
  • Get lots of rest: Patients often underestimate the need for rest. Sleep is the way the body rejuvenates all its key systems and organs. As per research, a few hours of deep REM sleep is much better for your health than lack of sleep. Take care to provide a break for the body and adopt a regular sleep schedule (minimum 8 hours daily). Rest is crucial post-surgery, so set a precedent before surgery.
  • Strengthen leg muscles: In the recovery period, the knee will be relying on all its support structures for nourishment, mobility and stability. Hence it is recommended that you buildup calf and thigh muscles prior to surgery. One good option is to begin isometric exercise which reduces strain on joints. Another good option is Yoga. But take care not to overdo exercise.
  • Be prepared mentally: A positive attitude is key to recovery from surgery. Avoid stress and fear before the procedure. For this, discuss every doubt with your doctor. The mind is powerful for health and uses it to your advantage.

These are some tips to prepare for knee surgery.