How to overcome the fear when learning to ride a motorcycle


Riding a bike is an enthralling experience. The first time you ride your bike is unmatched. However, learning how to ride a motorcycle without feeling anxious is the real deal. To attain the perfection of riding a bike, you need a lot of practice and patience. The operation is somewhat similar to learning how to drive. Both of them are equally intimidating at first, but as you spend more time practicing you start gaining the skills needed to become a perfect rider. The main ingredients of a successful riding are care and caution. Keep them in mind, and you shall enjoy all your rides, no matter what.

Also, don’t forget to purchase the right safety gear, including a pair of boots, a well-fitted helmet, knee caps, gloves, etc. Make sure you have a valid driving license and a two-wheeler insurance policy. A two wheeler insurance policy is mandatory by law, and it covers you against crashes, theft, flood, fire, and more. You’re almost ready to ride! Remember these tips to overcome the fear when learning to ride a motorcycle-

Choose the right bike

First and foremost thing to consider is choosing the ride bike to learn to ride on. You should opt for a bike that is lightweight and has excellent handling so that you get the full control while riding.

Know your bike

Familiarize with your bike and know how the parts work. Only when you understand how the bike functions, you will be able to ride it properly. Before riding, make sure the following components are in good condition. This tip is not just for the beginners, but for everyone who rides a bike. Let the acronym T-CLOCS guide you- T- Tires and wheels, C- Controls, L- Lights, O- Oil and fluid levels, C- Chassis, S- Stands. Only when you get acquainted with these parts of the bike, you can ride it.

Safety Gear

It’s so easy to get yourself scratched in an accident. Ensure you are wearing the right protective gear, including gloves, helmet, armoured clothing, and boots. Even if your state doesn’t demand a compulsory helmet every time you ride, it’s always a good idea to wear one. Once you are appropriately dressed, it’s the time to get on the bike.

Getting on the bike

Mounting a bike can be a task a couple of time. Once you are used to it, it becomes your second nature. To mount the bike, stand on the left side of the bike, move your weight onto your left leg, then kick your right leg back and get on the motorcycle.  When you get on the bike, adjust the mirrors—you’ll rely on them quite a bit while riding.

Start the bike, and go slow

These days’ bikes come with auto start, which means you just have to press a button and you are good to go. Make sure the bike is in neutral, and then only press the start button. Once you hold/press the start button, the engine will turn over and start to idle. Up to the throttle and start your journey.  Avoid speeding up in traffic at every cost. Maintain your lane and speed limits. Avoid road rage at any cost.

Get the help of an experienced rider to learn the basics. Practice as much as you can, concentrate while learning, and wear safety gear to minimize the impacts of any falls. You will get unbalanced, you will find it difficult, you will feel anxious, but remember why you started. With your basics in place, you will quickly learn to ride a bike. Enjoy a pleasant, safe journey. Happy riding!