How to make sleeve boxes with lids ?


Sleeve boxes are one of the trendiest boxes that are customizable in terms of sizes and designs according to the need of the customer. They are sustainable and economical. Sleeve boxes are made up of cardboard, paperboard, kraft paper, and corrugated cardboard. It is the most sustainable and durable packaging material that is used to make these boxes. It is the most demanded material because of its high compatibility with printing and designing. These boxes can be customized in all the different shapes, sizes, and designs that are following the company.

Laminated and foiled tables give a luxurious outlook that increases the worth of the brand in the most affordable yet high quality. Cardboard packaging in wholesale is cheapest than any other alternative packaging that is available in the market. Wholesale boxes are cheap because they are sold in bulk that reduces the price without affecting the quality of the product. What was the most stylish and trendy box you have seen during those long rounds in the mall? A table that kept you hooked up for the most extended period of time with its designs and shape, or overall vibe that made you feel connected to the product or the company.

Packaging has been revolutionized because of the advancement in the technology that is capable of giving the best of the best packaging. Customization placed the last nail in the coffin with its unique die-cutting technique, lamination, and foiling along with the desired shapes and sizes. Sleeve boxes are one of their kind when it comes to presentation, worth, and quality because of their unique shape, first of all. The sleeve is a hollow shape with cornered or no edges, and you can say a hollow tube or cylindrical shape without the closing ends. These sleeves are added to the boxes to enhance the appearance and accentuate the product that is packed inside the boxes.

These sleeves are proved to offer high-end protection to the product and the packaging box. These sleeves can be customized in every shape and number according to the need of the product.

Let’s get to know a few of the fantastic benefit these have to offer.

• Keeps the product safe

• Provide additional covering to the boxes

• Can be customized in every shape

• Enhances the appearance of the boxes

• Printed in custom designs, patterns, and logos.

Types of sleeves boxes

These boxes do not limit you to a single design, but you can get different variations in the boxes that help in creating a distinctive image of the brand and the product in the market and among the customers.

• Window cut out sleeve box

• Cylindrical sleeve box

• Tube sleeves

• Custom cutout sleeves

• Sleeve cardboard boxes with lids

• Cupboard style flip open sleeves

If you are picky about your packaging and the presentation, then we know the struggle of getting the product that perfectly suits your demand. There always remains something in the size or the design that looks a bit off and needs changing. To get you smoothly from the shapes to the dimensions and the designing, custom cardboard packaging is the way to go.

How to make sleeve box with lids

Here is a teeny weeny guide to getting the most effective and attractive boxes in the most affordable, in fact, the cheapest packaging boxes.
There are different styles of lids for the sleeves that you can choose for your products as ;
• Detachable lids

• Undetectable lids

• Flip open lids

• Gate flip-open lids

Various methods are suitable for different needs; it is up to you to choose the one that best represents your brand and enhances the appearance of your boxes. While designing, keep these points in mind as they will you through the process of getting the most astonishing boxes very smoothly.


The first and the friendliest advice is to get your custom boxes in wholesale. It is the cheapest packaging than any other packaging that is available in the market because they sell in bulk. Buying in bulk is beneficial because the higher the number of items lower the price. Always go for the wholesale for your custom needs as they give the quality like any other expensive alternative packaging.


If you are looking to create a most astonishing packaging of all the times that leave your customers mesmerized for a more extended period, then sleeves boxes with lids is the most exuberant option for you. These boxes speak for themselves and the company and the product without any additional effort.

Look for the material that matters

The type and grade of the material that is used to make boxes plays a vital role in determining the quality of the boxes. Cardboard boxes give a consistent packaging quality while corrugated cardboard gives a very high end and premium packaging that increases the overall worth of the brand.
If you are selling a very high-end product than it is essential to go for corrugated cardboard for the boxes. It would be an injustice to use boxes that reduces the quality of the product because of their grade.

Shapes are important

If you think a plain box and a window cut-out box have the same effect on the customers than you are wrong. Forms of the tables determine the liking of the customers and the impact that it leaves. For instance, window cut out box keeps all the focus on the product and present it most efficiently while a plain box will never have the same impact on the customers as they will be confused about how the product looks like. Go for the cutouts on the sleeves in a window or other custom shapes like lettering, round, and patterns to mention a few.

Give your box an identity; designing!

What customization is for if you are not going for the designs that give you an identity. Go for custom logos, use colours that give the vibe of your company, choose the patterns that keep you indulged in the designs. The box is not just a thing to see, but it involves the sense of touch. Give your customers an unforgettable experience with a textured plate. Along with printing cardboard boxes, there are a lot of techniques that give a unique touch like foiling, lamination, and embossing. Lamination provides a very finished and polished feel to the boxes, whereas, embossing is an art of raised ink printing that has its essence. Sit back, relax, and start thinking from what you want and move on to the next step when you are fully satisfied with the previous level.
Be creative and experimental!