How to Improve Your Selling Skills as a Real Estate Agent


Is it possible to improve your selling skills as a real estate agent? Of course it is. Normally, there are many factors that affect the strengthening of this position but the body language is one of the most important elements. knows exactly what it takes to become a successful real estate agent.

Performance, the effect of any business (or private) conversation begins from the very moment you establish the first look. Research shows that we need only 6 seconds to bring some conclusion to our interlocutor. So, 6 seconds are enough for a person to establish whether they like you or not. This means that, it depends on the first 6 seconds whether the sale will be successful or not.

It is important to present power in the negotiations. Having the axis of power, is more likely to make the negotiations successful. Presenting power does not mean domination, arrogance, title or physical advantage over the other party, this type of power is more about who hasthe control over the conversation.

In order to strengthen the control of the conversation, here are a few important elements in terms of body language you need to keep in mind:

Physical and mental. Your physical attitude depends mostly on your mental attitude. The outside is a reflection of what your inside. If your head is lowered and your shoulders are stoop, it says thatyou are insecure, feel frightened and submissive. Thereby you are allowing the other party to take over the conversation. The best way to strengthen your mental attitude is knowledge. But when you have less knowledge than the other party, then the only thing you can do is be aware of the external position and try to fake it. Keep the posture of your body straight, keep your head up, the shoulders back, the stomach in. This way, you will escape from the awkward situation as a winner.

Eye contact. One of the most important elements (signals) the body language are the eyes. Eyes communicate, seduce, take control, dominate, see the truth and the lies and so on. When you’re sitting across from a client try to careful maintain eye contact. Naturally, for most of us it is difficult to look people in the eyes all the time. This skill is acquired by dominant people, with higher titles. Therefore, the important thing is to practice looking at people in the eyes, but it should not be like staring, but more subtly.

Greetings. The most classical and safest way to say hi is when you normally set your hand and a perform a few (2-3) repeatedly moves up and down. Of course by watching the client in the eyes. There are some other types of greetings that unconsciously affect our position in the negotiations. Limply greetings with your fingertips or too tightly clutching the hand of the other party should be avoided.