How to improve Your Car Battery Life


A car battery experiences tremendous and several temperature fluctuations in its journey. The engine constantly produces enormous heat and this heat reduces the potential of the battery.

Extremely hot or cold weather harms the battery. For instance, extremely hot weather can reduce the lifespan of the battery to 3 years. In cold weather conditions, the battery can function smoothly for about 5-6 years.

While the car is on or running, the alternator constantly charges the battery. On the other hand, if the car remains unmoved for several days, then it loses its charge rapidly. Now, if the battery surpasses the minimum level of charge, then it becomes difficult to start the vehicle.

When this happens several times, there is a high probability that your battery will have a reduced lifespan and a sudden breakdown. Avoid this situation and improve the life of your battery.

Discussed here are few measures that can banjig help improve the health of your car battery-

Reduced battery consumption when the engine is off

When the engine is off or not running, the car batteries happen to discharge more easily. Simultaneously, the music system and lights installed in the interiors consume battery power. All these factors eventually harm battery life.

To avoid this situation, make sure that all the accessories, light, and other systems are switched off before you step out of the car.

Reduced heat exposure

The life span of your car battery is likely to deteriorate when it is exposed to extreme heat. Extreme heat can also result in the absorption of all the liquids present in the battery.

Don’t believe the misconception that this doesn’t occur in sealed batteries. It does happen in them as well.

You may have the question that your battery doesn’t need much charge to start in the winters but then why do they fail to start in one go. This is predominantly because major damage is already done during the summer and you are facing its repercussions in the winter.

One way to protect your car from excess heat is to park it in your garage or a shady spot. Park your car under a huge tree as it protects your car from the unwanted excess hot weather.

Check your battery at regular intervals

You may be unaware of the fact that the battery under the hood may lose its power when not used for a long period. This battery loses its charge rapidly. Go on a ride in your car at least once a week to avoid this.

In case you fail to do so and your battery drains all the charge then you have to jumpstart your car.

Keep your battery clean

Dust is a favorite enemy of your car battery and it is wise to keep the two away from each other. Don’t let the dirt settle on your car battery as it may have large scale negative effects on the battery.

Your battery may start losing its charge due to all the dust and dirt settled on it. Over a period of time, this can also cause a short circuit and the battery is dead.

Unfortunately, if you have a dead battery at home due to this, then don’t feel too sad about it. This is because you can bring this dead battery to life with the help of ez battery reconditioning program. The battery gets charged and ready to use.

At times, you notice that the terminals of the battery also corrode with each passing year. You will have to put an additional effort to clean them with a brush.

Use distilled water

One way to improve battery life is to create an equilibrium of distilled water and fluids present in the battery. In summer, there are high chances of the fluids getting evaporated and the battery losing all its power. Distilled water can help reduce the effect of excess heat and the cells are less damaged.

Regardless of this, if you note that your battery is dead, then search for reviews on ez battery reconditioning. These reviews will help add new life to your existing battery. It will work similarly to that of a new battery.


Despite your several and constant efforts to maintain your car battery, there are chances that it may stop functioning. In such circumstances, battery reconditioning is a good solution.

Several people assume that EZ battery reconditioning scam but it is nothing but a way to give new life to your old battery.