How to hunt a dream job easily


Job hunting is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time, effort and attention to land to a suitable job which matches your educational and career background. Sometimes people spend their whole life finding a good job to make their livelihood and some people find it as soon they join their first job. It can be a matter of good luck or bad luck but actually it is not. Landing on a suitable job is all depends on how you present your profile to recruiters. Here I am not just talking about your physical appearance or your degrees and certificates but the way you present it to job recruiters. Following are few useful tips which can help you to get a suitable job with least effort.


Be presentable

As I have discussed before that sending your resume with a bunch of certificates and degrees to the recruiters is absolutely not enough. It takes more than that. If you really want your recruiters and HR managers to look into your profile properly then make your documents good looking and presentable and easy to understand. Your resume must be simple, clear, properly formatted. If there is any cover latter associated with it then it should also be properly written according to job requirement.

Be relevant

Usually people send same resumes and cover letters to multiple organizations in same format. They might consider it a less time consuming and effortless way to apply for a job but actually it is not. Just sending same resumes and same cover letters for job application is usually ends up with very few or no interview calls and zero response rate. So it’s better to invest your precious time in formatting your resume and cover later according to job recruitments before sending it to recruiters.

Be the demand

Whenever you are applying for a job, just consider yourself a product which you want to sale and you are doing marketing of it by applying for a job. Assume that if someone is looking for a tissue paper then it’s not possible to sell him a printing paper or a toilet paper. It’s because his demand is tissue paper and not any other paper. The same scenario applies in job hunting. While applying for any job you also need to be the demand of recruiter. You can modify your skills and jobs experience in curriculum vitae to make yourself more relevant and more demanded for the job you are applying for.

These are few tips which can help you a lot finding a dream job easily or at least can help you in raising the response rate and interview calls ratio.