How to Handle Back Injury in Emergency?

back injury in Hollywood
back injury in Hollywood

A person can really be perplexed if he or she sees a person in severe back pain and suddenly go unconscious or paralyzed. But one should not panic or in a rush. The following blog lets us know about what should be done in such cases. There are many cases when a back injury can be suspected in a person. It is recommended by the doctors to stay still during this time or otherwise, this can lead to permanent paralysis.

This has been found in patients with back injury in Hollywood. Not only this, but this can also lead to other serious complications as well. A person with a back or spinal injury will not be able to move his or her neck because of stiffness. This will also curtail the movement of his or her body parts.

For emergency cases, the doctors recommend to perform the following things:

• Try to call the Air ambulance as soon as possible or call your nearest medical helpline number.
• Another thing which can be done is that towels can be rolled and placed on both sides of the person’s head or neck so that he is unable to move his or her head. This is mostly done by people who suffer from a back injury in Hollywood.
• If the case is really severe or serious, CPR technique should also be tried. If the person is unconscious, doctors recommend for a PR. CPR is done by holding the jaw and then lifting it. If no pulse is found, start with chest compressions.
• Removing the helmet if the person has worn one is not recommended. Also, try to avoid heavy lifting.
• Try to gather 2 to 3 persons for assistance. Doing the thing entirely on your own is not a wise thing to be done. If anyone has a back injury in Hollywood, 2 to 3 persons can really help to align the person with the injury.

The above-mentioned things can be practiced so as to get the person out of danger. It is not always necessary to rush to the medical stores or apply ointments available in the market. One of the most common and important things to be done is to apply ice packs. Not only this, but exercises should also be done to avoid such situations. But all the things which are done should be done with proper medical advice.