It is true that all who use drugs will not become addicts. Millions of individuals try some drugs and may even abuse them, without requiring treatment.

But families may be worried when they watch symptoms of drug or alcohol abuse by a member. This is because abuse of drugs prevents the addict from leading an enjoyable, productive life. Even if drug abuse does not grow to addiction, it can severely impair the life of a person. For instance, drug abuse can lead to mishaps like arrest, unwanted pregnancy or injury.

How does a family decide about rehab? Rehab is needed to prevent any amount of substance abuse. This is because any substance abuse can lead to a habit over which the person experiences lack of control. Addiction recovery in a rehab is needed when addiction habits control the person. If such signs are detected early, enormous damage can be prevented. An effective rehab program started early enough with such symptoms can save one’s life.

In case of drug abuse, it is tough for you to step back and view your condition objectively. If you sense a problem with drugs and may have been urged by family and friends to seek help, you might desire to identify the following symptoms for seeking professional help in a rehab:

  • Withdrawal symptoms:

If one experiences withdrawal symptoms when one stops the use of drugs, you need to seek quick medical help. Different drugs have different withdrawal symptoms: amphetamine drug may have a different withdrawal symptom compared to opiates. But general symptoms include headaches, vomiting, nausea, blurred vision, mood swings, insomnia, depression, anxiety, tremors, shaking, diarrhea, irritability, rising blood pressure and heart beat and many more. In case of severe conditions, withdrawal symptoms can include respiratory problems, seizures, coma, heart failure and result in even death. In case you are addicted to opiate drugs like OxyContin and Vicodin, one must not withdraw suddenly as it can have severe withdrawal symptoms. Stopping use of opiate drugs must be done under medical supervision.

  • Rising health problems:

Have you experienced increasing health problems after using some drugs? Some drugs can cause heart and liver damage, dental and skin problems, brain damage, psychological issues like schizophrenia and psychosis etc. If doctor has advised you against use of drugs because of health issues, you must consider entering rehab for ending drug abuse.

  • Loss of job and problems in relationships:

Have you compromised your job or your family has left you alone because of your drug abuse? Drug abuse puts an immense strain on relationships causing friends and family to cut you off. Also drug abuse can cause horrible hangovers that can compromise your performance at work. You may even be fired. If you are on drugs while working, your performance will suffer and co-workers will notice. Also, drug abuse can be very costly and you may have wasted thousands of dollars on buying drugs. Best drug rehabilitation program will solve your health issues.

  • Frequent relapse: Have you tried quitting drugs on your own but found yourself returning to the habit within hours or days? Are you in the habit of making excuses of your return to drug use- like saying,” I am only doing it for a special occasion”. In case you are addicted, quitting on your own is really tough and only way to save yourself is through a rehab program.

These are some tips on when to decide to enter a drug rehab program.