How to Deal with the Fear of IP Address Hacking

Fear of IP Address Hacking

With the rising usage of the internet that has sneaked into the everyday aspects of life, even the mischief-makers also had to educate themselves in these technologies to make a mark of their existence in them. Today cyber-crime is running parallel to all other crimes who are into stealing every bit of information that you share online. Among the long list of hacking activities, stealing or hacking private IP address is known to be a common one. People relate an unbearably slow internet and their communication devices acting abnormally with the hacking of their IP address quite often, and in most cases, they aren’t technically trained in this field. So for them, it is only a term that adds to their insecurity of being a target of cyber-crime. But what is the reality? The experts handling the departments of internet Montreal clarified them.

The myth of IP Address Hacking

Though a layman might get the fear of his IP address being hacked, it is a fact that an IP address can never be hacked. What makes people form this myth is seeing different IP addresses from what they were used to see. But in reality, the IP Address that comes dynamically from the Service Provider might differ as they are simultaneously servicing multiple areas.

So when a user signs out from the ISP and then reconnects to the Internet, they can get to see a new IP address that is assigned by his Internet Service Provider. This IP address might be the same as well as different from the previously assigned one. This does not indicate that this IP address is being shared with someone else. Usually, the ISPs would be servicing several cities and hence might need to allocate the IP addresses as per their convenience. So the display of a different IP address showing the remote location is not related anyway to the slowing down of the computer, or make it act abnormally. Hence, if your computer is acting that way, the problem is elsewhere that needs to be addressed in respective ways.

Does Hacking IP Address Enable Hacking the Computer?

Depending on the different configuration settings of your computer like security measures, internet connection and the maintenance of your computer, it can be easily examined, if your computer is vulnerable to hacking. But the chances of a computer being hacked because of your IP address being known to people is quite remote.

The most common way of hackers to gain access to a remote computer is through malware or virus, and it is not through an IP address.

Can Static IP Address be Hacked

Even a static IP address so not increase the chance of the server being hacked by any chance, but a vulnerable software or a weaker safety configuration can do. Hackers know the vulnerability of certain software, so using them will make the road easy for hackers to randomly attack any machine they find in their way. Moreover, the Servers that are directly connected to the Internet will be more exposed than the other personal computers that are protected with the router firewall. So, it is an overexposed computer through a virus that can make it act weird but not the hacking of IP address ever.